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Transformational Immersions


Sacred Breath Private Retreats in Bali:

Week-long Healing Journeys for Individuals, Couples, Families and Friends

*Available year round

Immerse yourself in a healing metamorphosis. 

Often referred to as the Island of the Gods, Bali is encapsulated by lush tropical jungles, mesmerizing landscapes, turquoise coastal waters, and thousands of Hindu temples. Its indescribable mystery, exquisite art, rich cultural heritage, and deep earth reverence draws countless wandressess and wanderers, yogis and spiritual seekers each year looking to catalyze their own healing and transformation. 

From the moment you place your feet upon the island soil, she will envelop you with her grace...

Bali is unlike any place in the world. The island itself exudes a certain spiritual presence, a nourishing energy that envelops those that walk upon her, providing a sacred reflection of the beauty inherent within all of us. Whether you are looking for a peaceful getaway, mystical pilgrimage, or great initiation on your path, Bali calls to those who are meant to come. 

Step into a tranquil escape from the stress of your busy life into the heart of the Balinese jungle. Located in a quiet area with a mystical atmosphere, our private villa will serve as the sanctuary for the week. Inspired by the high artisan culture of the island, the design reflects the genuine architecture and beauty of the Balinese way.

Inundated by lush tropical gardens, the sanctuary satisfies one's desire for stillness, privacy and communion with the natural world, while remaining close to the magnetic culture of the island. Experience the serenity of indoor-outdoor living in a tropical climate, bringing newfound biorhythms to your body. All rooms are overlooking a stunning jungle terrace filled with flowering trees and lush island scenery. Authentic bedrooms embellished with traditional Balinese furniture welcome you for a deep, rejuvenating sleep. A large bathroom with a relaxing bathtub summons you to relax and soak in flowers and natural salts. Enjoy the outdoor living area for unparalleled relaxation or have a swim in the jungle infinity pool.

We will also be a stone’s throw away from the conscious epicenter of Bali, where there is no shortage of organic food, detoxing juices, hand-crafted treasures and luminous waters. 

Amenities and services include essential oils, bath salts, body cream, a face clay mask, fragrant teas, healing elixirs, organic coffee, morning fruit platters, holistic brunches and lunches, a comfortable queen bed, in-house massage and pool towels. You can also enjoy the infinity pool, mountain views, Wi-Fi access, laundry service, grocery service, yoga mats, and more. There is an in-house staff to further accommodate for any additional needs during your stay.


For each of us, there is a force that is always calling us to remember our truest nature. It is the knowing within that we are a part of something sacred, loving, and incredibly intelligent that is forever imploring us to deepen into the mystery and embrace this life fully, without reservation. 

 Can you feel it?

The longing to become that elusive self that dwells in absolute freedom.  

The ache to return.

You are being summoned forth by the same intelligence that orchestrates the synergistic complexities of nature, that births galaxies. It is your divine origin. And we are here to remind you of this- of who you truly are, beyond all conditioned identity. It is our greatest honor to hold a space for you that will dissolve the barrier between your perceived sense of self and your boundless spirit. 

For when we attune to the wisdom within, the soul can be known, felt, and understood.

This is the path of aligning to your most luminous expression. 

We have many tools at our disposal to assist you in the awakening of your HIGHER potential. WE CAN CUSTOMize PACKAGES TOgether to EMPOWER YOUR PERSONALIZED NEEDS.


You can experience:

* Daily Breathwork immersions to serve as personal catalysts in uncovering whatever is essential for us to work with over the duration of the retreat. Through this organic process, central themes will arise, often what is most vital to heal. We can also incorporate anything else you would like to focus on. This can include very broad topics such as self-empowerment, self-worth, removing mental or emotional blockages, alleviating stress and anxiety, supporting you through a period of grief or mourning, overcoming depression, tapping into higher purpose/calling/vocation, tuning into one's spiritual essence, healing physical ailments or disease, and many many others. 

* Circling (an organic, in-the-moment interpersonal process that consists of equal parts art form, meditation, and group conversation, designed to allow a visceral experience of connection and understanding of another person's world, celebrating who and where they are right now)

* Transformational Workshops

* Empowerment Immersions

* Guided Meditations

* Morning Yoga with the Elements

* Herbal and Juice Detoxes

* Spa Services (detox scrubs, facials, body masks, seaweed wraps, etc)

* Massage (hot stone, reflexology, aromatherapy, traditional Balinese and Thai, etc)

* Flower Baths (an ancient Balinese healing practice)


We will enter into sacred agreement.

There is no greater unifier than the mutual agreement to be in service to the emergence of the sacred spirit within. Some of the people we have worked with over time have become the dearest friends of ours. When one undergoes such powerful shifts and wants to implement lasting change in their lives, it is amazing to know they have support and guidance just a phone call away. We are here for you far beyond our week together. The transformation we weave extends infinitely. 


You will learn to trust in life's unfoldment.

 You are so deeply loved and forever supported by the universal intelligence which you are a part of. In each moment, we are given the opportunity to honor life and tend to this most sacred relationship. If we want to heal, we cannot address the problem by attempting to manage the symptoms, but rather we must we go to the root, something that lies within the individual's authentic sovereignty and relationship with creation. We are all walking miracles, inexplicably yet eternally connected to (and literal manifestations of) the creative life force, imbued with the endless impulse to become more of who we are. When we deny our true nature (an infinite wellspring of multi-dimensional intelligence), primarily through not attuning to our emotional and subtle body, we turn to unhealthy substitutes in order to fill this void. This is why our work is to support the individual in remembering the beauty, truth, and innocence of who they are beneath all layers of untruth and elucidate the path of surrendering to the unfathomable wisdom of their truest nature… This is how we return to grace.


WE WILL hold space for you in true vulnerability.

We will not shy away from meeting the more delicate aspects of your being. We deeply understand the importance of embracing the tender wounds we each carry before we set them free. If necessary, we will grieve with you until any lost aspects of self are fully seen and integrated.

By creating this sacred space, we are anchoring a way of being that represents what is possible for humanity if we were to honor our relationship with the spirit within, the planet, and each other. It is our intention that this experience will inspire you to redefine your relationship with life itself and allow your priorities in waking reality to reflect the beauty and depth of what is possible. When we surrender to the process, in vulnerability, openness and receptivity over the course of these 7 days, each participant (including the facilitators) will depart as a completely different person- a truer and more authentic version of themselves. From this place, you will begin to create anew, living your truth and forging a path unique to you. Transformational immersions are a powerful opportunity to shed that which no longer serves you and step into your higher embodiment.

The space created for your metamorphosis will be one of grace and profundity, gentle yet deep.

Together, we will actualize your potential. 


you will learn to create your life from a place of lucidity.

Many of us carry unconscious beliefs that were never truly ours to begin with. Such beliefs stem from myriad sources, including parents or primary caregivers, family members, ancestral lineages, educational systems, media and society at large. These beliefs cause us to see ourselves and the world not as they are, but as our beliefs dictate. This can be an often debilitating experience, causing us to replay tired, archaic stories on loop, preventing us from living the life we so deeply yearn for. During this immersion, we will be excavating and uprooting any unconscious beliefs that hold you back from living the life you truly yearn for and dismantling them on the thought level. Once they are recognized, acknowledged and seen for what they are, they can be finally released.

We are all meant to experience continuous vibrancy and powerful qi/prana/life force flowing through us. We are here to feel alive, boundless, radiant, joyous; to know the creative spark of animus. If this is not your predominant state of being, then we have a bit of work to do to return you to the deep well-being that is your birthright- for it is a natural, graceful process of coming home. You will soon discover how to become a true architect of your life, creating from a place of purpose, passion and lucidity. We know that vast potentiality that lies within you, and will encourage you to trust in your infinite capacities and precious gifts. In each moment, we will invite you to stand resiliently in your personal sovereignty- every individual's seat of power. And we are here to support and empower you every step of the way.

During our week together, you will:

- Clear the old, stuck and stagnant and make way for the new and luminous (release what no longer serves your growth and expansion) 

- Learn to decipher what your emotions are communicating to you and utilize their intelligence to thrive 

- Harness the breath to activate your inner healer

- Become a life artist, creating from lucidity rather than conditioning (i.e. be in command of your life; walk with purpose and intent)

- Uncover your innate gifts and true strengths to offer into the world 

- Learn to manifest your highest visions and dreams

- Redefine your relationships, declaring boundaries when necessary and strengthening bonds rooted in authentic love and mutual respect

- Learn Conscious Communication tools to better all of your relational dynamics

- Learn to live from your authentic and boundless self

- Be taught Self Care Practices to nourish and heal the body-mind connection 

- Be given a customized nutritional and wellness plan


  • We recommend arriving to Bali at least 2-4 days prior to your retreat (if possible) to acclimate to the timezone and anchor into the island and culture. This will ensure that you can deepen into your experience and receive the maximum benefits.
  • We also recommend increasing your water intake in the week prior to ensure adequate hydration.
  • The weather in Bali during this time of the year holds an average of 81°F (26°C), with an average low of 72°F (22°C). Please pack your wardrobe accordingly. 
  • Bring comfortable light clothes (natural fabrics are most desirable for the tropics), good walking/hiking shoes and sandals/flip flops, yoga/breathwork clothes (particularly flowing or loose pants not tight around the waist), eye mask for breathwork, sunglasses, a hat, insect repellent, natural toiletries, your personal supplements, one coverup for night, notebook, journal, sunblock, and swimwear in addition to your personal items. Bali also has amazing shopping where you can pick up any extras you may need. NOTE: Yoga mats and props will be provided. 
  • It is not recommended to bring more than 1 large luggage and either a backpack, purse or small day bag per person. Be sure to pack the basis and leave room for souvenirs. 
  • We additionally encourage everyone to spend some quality time with themselves during the weeks leading up to the retreat in order to get in touch with their deeper needs, desires and intentions. This will be immensely valuable in how we both show up individually and co-creatively during the immersion. It is also helpful to begin cleansing the diet in the weeks prior as well, to ensure your most vibrant state during our time together. A great first step is the elimination of all processed foods, junk foods, sodas, sweets, etc. In their place, you may take in as much rich, nutrient-dense whole foods as desired (dark leafy greens, fresh salads, seeds, nuts, avocados, cold-pressed coconut and olive oils, low glycemic fruits, cruciferous vegetables, wild fish (if you eat meat), superfoods, and so on). 


(Note: Immersions may be booked year round. Please indicate your desired start date if you have one. If you have a month or window of inquiry, simply mention this in the 'Message' portion.)

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