Kaya is an International Breathwork Facilitator, Speaker and Teacher, Womb Awakening Facilitator, Founder of Sacred Breath Academy and Creator of The Sacred Breath Method. She is also the creator of The Sophia Breathwork Method for women, designed to awaken and empower the Sacred Shakti and embodied remembrance of the divine feminine. Visionaryquantum breakthrough guide, wisdom-keeper, artist, mystic, creatrix, and conduit of the sacred, Kaya is a woman of many facets.

Kaya is an anchor of light, higher truth and ancient knowledge, maintaining the role of the archetypal shaman and wisdom-keeper to the deeper mysteries of the feminine. Kaya additionally serves as a protector of Mother Earth and anchor of planetary rebalancing, remaining a life-long educator of earth’s precious resources, diminishing animal kingdoms and delicate ecosystems. She also is an eloquent advocate of this powerful truth: before we may harness any kind of collective change, we must first live that change within ourselves.

Kaya's role as an artist seeks to capture the infinite beauty of the natural world in conjunction with the depths of human emotion (for they are one in the same), in effort to re-invoke that which lies sleeping within humanity. Through photography, film and visual mediums, Kaya seeks to stir the soul through nuanced remembrance, subtly conjuring the ineffable. There is a profundity in her work that transcends lingual barriers and thought, provoking something so unspeakable that the viewer may not initially realize, but later infiltrates the core of their being. 

Kaya Leigh is also the creatrix behind Sacred Breath's Luminous Apothecary and Medicina Mundi Organics, wild-crafted and hand-blended lines of intoxicating body and anointing oils, bath salts, elixirs, essences, tonics, salves, balms, mysts and other meaningful infusions to support one’s embodiment of deep rejuvenation and cellular radiance. Each product is imbued with intent, vibrational and gem essences, and Reiki codes. They are additionally formulated with organic, cold-pressed carrier oils and the highest therapeutic-grade essential oils. Her lines are designed to nourish the body temple, inside and out.

Kaya is a visionary that seeks not to rebel against the old structures and systems that do not serve, but rather to transmute and transform them into new ways of being, seeing and living. She perceives a metamorphosized and awakened world on the horizon and it is her foremost mission to assist in building this collective dream every step of the way, even if its totality extends far beyond her lifetime. 

Kaya’s work is a synthesis of vibrational alchemy, ancient wisdom and intuitive healing, and her life is devoted to living with grace, purpose, and intention. Ultimately, she seeks to plant seeds of consciousness in every modality possible, with her foremost vision being such: that we all walk in way of truth and beauty together.

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"OWN YOUR POWER, sister. You are sensuality manifest, love incarnate. Together, let us break through the unconscious shame, fear and suppression and Allow the beauty of the goddess to move through us."


From time immemorial, women have held deep secrets in their bodies. These secrets are so immense, that when accessed, the woman may return to her original state of being, knowing the depths of an ancient and primordial code. It is now that we are beginning to unlock these mystical secrets and allow them forth into the world of form. To begin, we must first reverse all of the conditioning of women that has silenced us, that has covertly infiltrated our mind, hearts and spirits. We must return to a state of respect and honor for our bodies, inside and out. We must practice self care. We must remember how to love ourselves. We must reclaim our sacred pleasure, passion, innocence, sensuality and creativity. For these are our divine birthrights.

Are you feeling the call to remember her?



Kaya will elegantly guide you in re-awakening the authentic feminine within... 

Stepping into the fullness of who we truly are as an awakened goddess may at times require powerful activation tools and a container devoted to healing of the feminine. Kaya will utilize the Sophia Breathwork Method along with women's empowerment coaching techniques to support you in the journey of sacred feminine remembrance. Through her steadfast support and facilitation, you will begin the journey of shedding old beliefs, wounds, imprints and cultural programs that are keeping you small and holding you back from the life you truly desire. With Kaya's graceful direction, you will soon overcome your greatest fears and obstacles and open yourself to receiving the beauty, joy and abundance that was always yours to have. 

Throughout this process, Kaya will assist you in gently and compassionately illuminating any blockages that are lying just beneath the surface of your awareness and work to access the root cause of their existence. Kaya honors the notion that true healing occurs when we make the decision to trust our higher knowing and turn towards our fears, wounds and pain, embracing the delicate innocence of our essential selves with unconditional love, wisdom and compassion. During your process, Kaya will be there with you every step of the way as a guide who is familiar with the path, and you will walk into the great mystery of self together. In the spirit of this connection, she will lovingly hold you accountable for whatever truth may arise from deep within, and together you will work to create new pathways of self-expression and embodiment on cellular, physical, emotional and spiritual levels.



Book a Private Sophia Breathwork Session with Kaya 

Receive powerful codes and transmissions of the Divine Feminine within the heightened state of crystalline being that breathwork induces.

Through this dream-time place, we will journey into the heart of Woman,

invoking her hidden mysteries,

womb wisdom

and deeper truths of being.