Sacred Breath Testimonials

I just did a session with Kaya from the Sacred Breathy Academy and I have to tell you that it just took a few minutes for me to become non-local, experiencing myself as consciousness outside the body. It was beautiful, being enveloped in the formless, infinite dimension of loving presence. I’m going to try it again!
— Deepak Chopra, MD, International Author and Public Speaker
Deepak Chopra speaks of his powerful experience with the Sacred Breath Format, facilitated by Kaya Danielle Leigh.

This past week has been the most amazing, soul-exposing, paradigm-shifting weeks of my life. I remembered so many truths, activated, initiated and realigned to my potential. It was magic!

Kaya, you are one of the most phenomenal teachers I’ve ever had the pleasure of sitting with. You embody truth, wisdom and purpose in a way that is authentic and healing to witness. You did more than teach breath medicine this week, you taught me that there is more than enough space in this world for me. You are a true leader, activator and collective healer. I am so grateful!

My darling sisters- I could not have chosen a better group women to walk this path with. I am so inspired by your courage to go deep and thank each and everyone one of you for holding me and allowing me to hold you. We wove a sacred web of light this week, ready to blanket the world. I thought I knew what breathwork was before (and to a degree I did)- but now I know what it REALLY is. I’m bringing back the medicine. Soul medicine. Shadow-alchemizing, path-initiating, womb-clearing medicine.

The only way out is through and when you gift yourself the presence of conscious breath you are gifting yourself conscious life.
— Nui, Australia (On the Breathwork Facilitator Training)

My intention was to go to the root of my trauma in this life and all connected lives, and through the breathwork I went for it - and so glad I did. I am very grateful to our skilled guides for supporting me when the energies started moving. To be extremely vulnerable in front of you all, I have masqued my earliest trauma so well and hidden it behind a big heart and a love of service work. Last evening was a big breakthrough for ending the wounded healer paradigm for me. I can now begin to simply shine the light of my truest knowing. I am very blessed to have shared space with you all last night and infinitely humbled by your presence.
— Daniel, Asheville

There’s really just no words to explain the magnitude of what this past week has been for me.

Like opening up dark closets I haven’t looked in since childhood, pulling out what’s in there to see the light of day again, washing off the dust that settled, and reintegrating it into the life that now surrounds me.

And in opening those closets, the size of the room becomes bigger, and it feels as though I just removed the doors, and made room to let the light flood in.

Training is just not a word that feels right, it was more like a 7-day download. As if the fabric of my being, the core of my self has now seen itself, recognized it’s truth, and can now permanently hold up an internal mirror whenever I choose.

The gratitude I have for Kaya feels completely uncontained by words. Like having a vision late at night of what you think is possible in this world, dreaming up what your heart can see with no bounds, and then experiencing that right in front of your eyes. It gives me hope, strength, and courage to continue moving towards my own inner truths.

And the women who fed the space, who showed up to bear their truths with wounds and scars for all to see, the love that existed, the power of love, is now something I know is undoubtedly the medicine this world has been craving.

I’m already halfway into my return travels, and it’s like traveling through a wormhole to a new place and time altogether. And even though I have no idea what it will look like, my heart is now in charge of building the road forward, and I’m here, ready to take the ride.
— Melissa, California (On the Breathwork Facilitator Training)

Sacred Breath Academy changed my life. The shifts that occurred during the Facilitator Training were undeniable and powerful. Going through the process was challenging yet beautiful, all within a safe container led by the ethereal Kaya. Kaya guided us through a deeply transformative week and allowed each of us to come into our own power. I reclaimed forgotten parts of myself and rediscovered a sense of self-worth that I thought I had lost forever. I feel ready to hold space for others and feel incredibly passionate about sharing this work with as many people as possible.

Kaya, I am in deep gratitude of your soul. I don’t think my words can fully describe the enormity of the shifts that have happened. You are the ultimate space holder and I feel confident and powerful because of your encouragement and compassion towards me. I am forever grateful to you and will take the Breathwork torch and set Canada ablaze.

If you are looking for something that will activate a huge paradigm shift in your life, then understand that by reading my words, you are not here by accident and that you are ready to come into your highest potential.
— BRANDON, CANADA (On the Breathwork Facilitator Training)

This week. I— can’t find the words— I am utterly in love with mama earth, with my new friends, with myself, with you. To think I ever sought joy outside myself, when all this time the treasured gold I was looking for was inside me all along. Thank you to all of the events of the world that led me to find Sacred Breath Academy, to journey into the woods, to journey into Breathwork, to uncover what I had always carried within me. During one of the breathwork journeys in this training, I was overcome with insatiable laughter. I felt like I stepped outside myself and was looking in, and I found it outrageously comical how seriously I take life sometimes. I realized that life is to be treasured, enjoyed, cherished, marveled at— when we see the world as magical, mystical and playful, it is incredibly fun to be alive! We don’t need to “be” anything, just who we are. All we desire is to be loved and safe. It is so simple and beautiful. And what a gift laughter is— like a burst of sunshine from our souls— bright, infectious and wow, the warmth it spreads!
Life. Is. Full. Of. Magic.

I cannot begin to convey how powerful, wonderful, intense yet glorious Breathwork is! Breath medicine is a magical tool in which we heal ourselves— no outside sources necessary. But I will say having fabulous, compassionate facilitators deepens your experience and touches your heart. If you have a chance to study, heal and grow with these amazing teachers and humans, DO IT!
— EJ, COLORADO (On the Breathwork Facilitator Training)

The souls that created Sacred Breath Academy (Kaya and Aeleo) are two beautiful, humble humans that are dedicating their life to sharing their sacred knowledge. They will hold space for you to deeply heal from things that can stem all the way back to childhood as well as ancestral trauma. Breath is the fluid voice of your soul. It is a profoundly healing gateway to spiritual, emotional and physical breakthroughs.

A few months ago, I stumbled upon this facilitator training, which, to this day, I do not fully understand how it came to find me but that’s exactly what it did. It found me. I have sat down multiple times over the past few weeks to try to write about my experience but it’s almost as if words are just not enough— which is hard for me to say because words are my love language! But this journey deserves so much more than words. Which is why I am going to devote as much of this lifetime (and let’s face it, many many more) exploring the sacred breath by holding the space needed to help guide others to heal from years of trauma and conditioning. Trying to explain this profoundly life-changing experience I dove into on this training feels impossible. It truly feels like trying to explain the concept of colour when ones eyes have yet to open. But after surrendering and stripping everything back, I was left with all I know. All that I stand for. I was left with Love. I went on so many deeply healing journeys via my breath during this training (some I didn’t even think would be possible without the help of plant medicine), but everything came back to love. Love for myself, love for others and love for absolutely everything! This life is so simple and enjoyable when we just exhale and realise that we are all here to love. Take away the pressure to achieve the unnecessary and just be love! I spent so many years overcomplicating just about everything, trying to figure out my dharma because that is what I thought life should be. And even though I have been an advocate for love for a while, this journey just brushed away anything that didn’t offer this. It showed me that true authentic love from strangers exists by providing me with 9 mind-numbingly beautiful people that are now in my heart forever as family.

I have done my fair share of spiritual trainings and I’m sure I’ve got a few more left to enjoy, however, this wondrous week of my life was my ultimate magic moment. Everything stems from this experience. When I’m 80 sitting on my porch in my rocking chair with a substantial collection of cats surrounding me, this journey will be where I look back to and think— that was when I realised that everything will always be ok. I don’t usually speak about the specific trainings I have done as I feel it is important for us to find our way naturally and organically, however, if you feel called to the path of breathwork and you are waiting for the universe to send a sign then please take this as just that.
— OLIVE, ENGLAND (On the Breathwork Facilitator Training)


I recently completed the Level 1 Breathwork Facilitator training with Sacred Breath Academy in Bali. Writing this, It has been a bit over 1 month since the training concluded, it has taken me till now to truly process and feel ready to try and narrow down this experience into a small bunch of words typed on a page, but for the sake of potentially inspiring others to do the same and follow the call onto this path, I’m going to give it my best shot!

The training was life-changing to say the least. The English language or ANY words for that matter, will cease to be able to truly describe the experience and the profound healing, knowledge and change it has brought into my life. Kaya is one incredible woman who held the space with so much love, integrity and wisdom for not only all of our learning, but also for all of our healing, both individually and as a collective. The content that was provided for the training was truly aligned with all that was needed to provide me with both the academic and hands-on learnings to feel ready and empowered to start my own journey into this powerful healing modality.

This magical group that was brought together in Bali happened to all be women, which for me was something that I now see was so needed. This was not just a training. Personally, I felt it was an initiation into womanhood for myself, and the reconnection to the divine feminine that my soul had been so deeply aching for. As a collective, we breathed, learned, cried, loved, expressed and shared. As each tender soul healed, I healed. To be a part of such a powerful container was indescribable. I experienced what it truly means to be human. It highlighted how disconnected we have become as a society to ourselves, our earth and one another. I now have this fire burning inside of me to share, help and reconnect humans to their higher selves, each other and to the Divine that is.

I feel as if I found myself. I was able to knock down the walls that were constricting my heart for so long. I now feel emotionally ‘clean’ and have noticed how differently I show up in the world since being back home. I feel so much deep self love, kindness, acceptance and freedom within that I could not feel before, giving me a happiness and confidence that I never thought possible.

I will never forget each and every beautiful soul that I spent that week with. Thank you, Kaya, for following your truth and higher purpose, because without you and the work that you are doing I would have never realised my true path in this life and the power that I hold within. I encourage anybody that may be feeling the call to attend this training to listen to their intuition, honour their higher self and take the leap- you will not regret it with any ounce of your being.
— Indi, Australia (On the Breathwork Facilitator Training)

The Facilitator Training in Asheville was so incredible and I am BLISSED out after a week of Sacred Breathwork Journeys.💫Words cannot express how grateful I am to have discovered this gentle but oh so powerful modality of healing! It’s allowed me to connect with my spirit in a way I didn’t even know was possible. Tapping into these altered states of consciousness has unlocked so much inner wisdom around my body, my past and my future in such a beautiful way. And as a teacher, I can take my own clients only as far as I’m willing to go myself. I completely stepped outside of my comfort zone and breathed into all the tender areas of my body I had been unknowingly neglecting. During several of the journeys, my intuition showed me how far disconnected I was from my own feminine flow. The hard exterior of the masculine to push, control, do-do-do attitude has been running my life for so long- a subconscious program I developed to be respected and “successful” and to uphold my feelings of self-worth. Awakening my intuition through the breath, allowed me to see the need to let go of that mask and come back to my innate feminine nature.🌹Flowing through life and becoming magnetic by allowing is the beauty of stepping into your truth as a women. ✨Each Breathwork Journey was a completely new resolution, aha moment, energetic shift and vast healing experience. It’s so hard to put into words the deep self-discovery that occurs by connecting consciously to the breath, but it’s a unique and mystical session of growth each time. ✨After all the new knowledge I’ve learned, I can’t wait to take my clients even deeper.
— Sam, MICHIGAN (On the Breathwork Facilitator Training)

The week that changed my life. Before this past week, it would have been difficult to write a post about ME. It might have been a few words or something I thought was humorous... which is still great as I am pretty funny. However, that unwillingness came from a place of fear (apart from the funny bit) of being vulnerable because of a perceived judgment about how I would be received. I had learned through much unintentional programming to have an amor up so as not to get hurt. I had learned to hide my pain within myself and not to share it so as not to be a “burden.” However this past week and forever moving forward, I am open, I am brave and I am stepping into my truth and light, alongside dancing with my beautiful shadow.

Thank You Kaya for allowing me to open in my own gentle way. Your quiet strength and integrity will always stay with me. You have taught me so much and thank you for allowing me the gift of the Sacred Breath Method so I can now pay it forward and teach it to others so they may dance with both their light and their shadow and embrace all that is in this wonder-filled life.

Thank you to all my new soul sisters who, much like the breath, we are now forever connected and bound by our love, our rawness and our willingness to be cracked open, exposing our radiant life and truth. You are all forever in my heart.
— Rachel, Australia

Aeleo and Kaya, I can not thank you enough for introducing Sacred Breath and holding the space for me. I felt safe and loved and it was natural healing! There will never be the right words found to speak to you but I am assured you understand. I have spent many years trying to heal deep-seated pain and fear and in 1 short hr, it released and dissolved. My body has been cleansed. Divine wisdom is in charge now and I am full of gratitude. I will continue to share words as they come to me. Namaste
— Nan, Coeur d'Alene

As a business owner in the wellness space, I have tried many holistic health therapies in the last few years, but my Sacred Breath session with Kaya was truly amazing! Kaya explained the technique thoroughly and coached me through the entire 1.5 hour breathing process. Her intuition knew when to advise me to slow down my breath and pick it back up again based on how my body was reacting. My experience was powerful. I felt an electric energy overcome my entire body, and there were times when I felt like I was completely outside my body. I shared with her afterwards that I kept returning to a purple, liquid metallic wormhole where I felt a deep connection to universal consciousness, and it felt very familiar. At the end of my session I was overcome with a feeling of gratitude and love. My energy was buzzing throughout my entire body and I practiced some qi gong to move it around. I highly recommend working with Sacred Breath Academy and Kaya.
— Anand J. Sukhadia I Founder & Director of OM LIFE WELLNESS

I can’t begin to put into words what happened for me during both breathwork sessions I did with Kaya and Aeleo here in the Virgin Islands. Something really big opened up and I felt as though I went on a journey to places I had never been before, uncovering long buried pain and treasure. I got in touch with a level of connection that was incredibly precious— with myself and with others. After each session I had to rush to write everything down so I wouldn’t forget all that had transpired and so I could allow it to marinate and ripen. I had some major revelations that had been sitting underneath old stories which were truly life changing. I had done breathwork before but have never felt so safe and guided in a way that allowed me to go at my own pace and open up so expansively. I’m a psychotherapist and a life coach and I’ve worked with people for more than 30 years as well as have explored and experienced all kinds of psychological, spiritual and healing approaches. The Sacred Breath experience was unparalleled healing work and I am very drawn to doing more and learning how to share with others. I highly recommend this beautiful pair as guides on this journey. They created a safe and sacred space and their love, devotion, passion and care set the stage for deep opening and profound healing.
— Anne, MSW, USVI


Kaya and Aeleo deliver an experience that you must not miss. It was beyond anything I could have imagined. I was able to release childhood trauma at a core level that I didn’t even know existed. I was transported outside of time and space. It was deeply healing and brought tears to my eyes as I released further and further. In this process, I came back home to myself. I look forward to my next opportunity to journey with them again.
— Karise, San Diego

I am new to the spiritual path and was just recently introduced to Aeleo and Kaya’s Sacred Breath Immersion but admittedly was skeptical of my ability to reach beyond the physical realms by breath alone. However, to my surprise, they gently and masterfully guided me into such a state of relaxation that my body began tingling and transcended my mind into a paradigm that previously I had only been able to achieve through work with plant medicine. I was amazed to find myself reaching these heights through only the breath and was brought into a collective vision shared by others in the sacred circle. I highly encourage everyone to attend one of Aeleo and Kaya’s workshops- it was a life-changing and empowering experience! I can’t thank them enough.
— Patricia, Asheville

If you are considering taking this training, don’t overthink it, please just do it! I just finished up last month and it was invaluable and special time. Such a mystical, beautiful, uplifting and life-affirming experience sharing this powerful Breathwork Facilitators Training in the Blue Ridge Mountains with this strong and soulful group. Kaya and Aeleo are magnanimous guides and humans. Thank you to them for the passionate guiding and space-holding. Looking forward to offering these extremely powerful techniques to others.
— DEREK, CALIFORNIA (On the Breathwork Facilitator Training)

After meditating for over 35 years, I easily thought I had mastered my emotions, accessed a kind of enlightenment and detached from any “story” or “density” of the earth plane. However, after only two breathwork sessions with Kaya, I endured the most exquisite (and necessary) ego death imaginable.

I shook, cried and breathed out decades of stagnation and tension in my body and finally cracked the unconscious facade I was living within. I had a HUGE, life-altering and inexpressible heart opening for the first time in my life. I FINALLY was able to access my emotional body and release the protective armoring I had built around it. I was able to see that the detachment I took on was actually protection from feeling, and how I was actually detached to the point of disassociation. I realized that I was not actually open to love and connection before this and was living in a realm of highly mental constructs of “enlightenment” and “transcendence”. My most important epiphany was that I realized I was engaging what I now have learned to be spiritual bypass/ego before the breathwork was able to break me open.

I had such tearful and soulful releases in the loving presence of Kaya’s guided support, and was able to finally access a real, unconditional love for all the women in my life, especially my partner and daughter. I immediately began to write them letters afterwards, apologizing for any love withheld throughout my life. In this, I came home to my truth- that I am here to love fully, to feel life, and to nurture the connections with those I hold most dear (as well as with all beings on this earth). My walls have crumbled and I am so grateful to you Kaya. Thank you for helping me to understand that softness and vulnerability is also strength and is needed right now in the masculine collective. I will make it my life’s mission to embody this.

Thank you from my depths.

The Sacred Breath Facilitator Training was a beautiful and powerful experience. The Sacred Breath modality allowed me to explore myself on such a profound level, to expand my consciousness and to reclaim some very deep parts of myself. The way the facilitators held the container was so authentic and so real. The material was incredible- so vital, so deep, and so applicable to every area of life, not to just breathwork. Being held by the facilitators and witnessing the transformations that took place both within myself and the group has been such a blessing that I will carry forth into my community. I know that everything I have learned here will ripple out into the world. I feel extremely grateful for this experience and fulfilled on many many levels.
— Darya, New York (On the Breathwork Facilitator Training)


This was the most potent, powerful, and healing training I have ever committed to in this life- and I have been through a lot of those kinds of journeys.

This training guided me to tap into deep inner rhythms that were lost in the cultural conditioning that is upon us this day and age. Everyone was held and supported as they went through their own versatile experiences, and for me personally, this was a very multidimensional journey with celestial remembrance, meeting of my spirit guides, my ancestors, vivid visions and astral travels to other dimensions and worlds. It is a journey that words almost can’t touch, as it only can come from direct inner experience and the Sacred Breathwork brings me there. It is the most potent way I have found for releasing trauma and it is also a way to experience immense beauty and love, with healing light codes coming in at the very quantum core of my body, unwiring old systems and patterns and upgrading into new ones. It is a portal to the stars and to my celestial self. At the very same time, this journey of breath is a portal to inhabit my body fully, in the here and now, embodying my human vessel to the brim, feeling it all, and really loving to be in my body.

Through this healing Sacred Breath Facilitator Training, so much ancient wisdom was surfaced, remembered, and revealed- both individually and collectively. Kaya is a true spirit guide. This woman embodies and inspires the essence that is within us all to awaken, rise, and be activated. Through the medicine of breath, beauty ways, and ancient and modern wisdom that she embodies, she invites a unique, nurturing energy in to the field where nothing is judged and everything is welcomed. A container of love and support to grow in was co-created both through her and her competent, heart-centered team.

My being has opened to yet another dimension. A spark within the heart has been ignited to this divine heritage that is for each and everyone of us holding space on our dear planet at this time. I am empowered to fulfill the next step of my soul’s calling, and to step forth together into this strong web we are weaving- a global community of space-holders, healers, way-showers, starseeds and paradigm-shifters, here to assist in the ascension of our precious planet. Kaya is a light house with deep sincerity and wisdom and I highly recommend any training with her and Sacred Breath Academy.
— Björk, Sweden

At a time in my life when I had achieved vast career success, I was still waiting for something, wondering if there was more than gaining material abundance and financial security. I have gone to healers before, but was never really impacted in a way that created a lasting shift for me. Kaya and Aeleo, however, were able to facilitate this shift. Being in their presence was healing in itself, but what truly changed everything for me was the experience of getting in touch with a part of myself that I had not been listening to for a long time. I had even participated in group breathwork before, but theirs was different— utterly transformative. During their breathwork, I felt held in a way I never have before, it was almost as if they were able to see me for who I truly was, which in turn empowered that part of myself to emerge. I cannot express gratitude to them enough. Since our time together I have been approaching life from the heart in a radical way. I am more available for my family, more resourced to show up for them in the ways that matter, and more grateful for my time with them. I have let go of relationships that were founded in unhealthy patterns and instead begun to nurture those that matter most. Beyond this, I have recognized that I have so much to offer the world, and it is in being true to this deeper part of my being which brings the only real satisfaction in life. I finally found what was missing: It was an authentic relationship with myself. Thank you both tremendously. I wish more people to be impacted by you in the way I have. You are such a light in this world.
— Michael, Asheville

Breathwork is so indescribably healing. I feel like this last week I was at a shamanic retreat in Peru but instead of the plant medicine as the catalyst, it was the breath. It’s incredible that something existing within you can be so powerfully transformative— it’s not without, it’s within.
— Rebecca, Hawaii

What an amazing journey I had with Kaya and Aeleo! I did not really know what I was going to experience but it was exactly what I needed. I received so much confirmation of my path and the experience itself catalyzed momentum forward into my personal, spiritual and professional growth. It is now undeniable I was supposed to learn from them on my quest of bringing healing into this world. I feel so blessed, so centered and ready to humbly move forward with integrating breathwork into all aspects of my life.
I truly had a spiritual awakening through the training and there are not enough words to express my level of gratitude for this.
— Freya, Seattle (On the Breathwork Facilitator Training)

Participating in the Sacred Breathwork Facilitator Training was a heart-opening and life-changing experience! Kaya and Aeleo create a beautifully sacred and healing space for personal growth through the breathwork and also fully prepare you to guide others through the process. They encourage each participant to find their own path of facilitation, which felt empowering and respectful of our own learning and process. It is clear they have done their own work in the way that they show up with authenticity, unconditional love, non-judgment, and integrity. They are experts at intuiting and meeting people where they are! I can’t wait to do more work with them in the future. I highly recommend this training for anyone interested in breath work and teaching it in their communities!
— Sharon, Bend (On the Breathwork Facilitator Training)


Below are my words that I feel could never really explain the profoundness of the training, but here goes! I recently completed the Level 1 Breathwork Facilitator training with Sacred Breath Academy and it was one of the most powerful learning, healing and growing experiences of my life. Although I’ve practiced breathwork for many years, what sets Sacred Breath apart from the rest is the profound holding you feel within the space. From the first moment I sat down in the opening circle, I knew my life would never be the same.

As a facilitator, Kaya has a presence that I’ve not felt in a learning environment before. She oozes love, acceptance and embodies her truth in a way that was refreshing to witness and is so badly needed in this world. She holds space that feels so sacred and so nourishing that you are able to go deep within to retrieve the medicine you need.

Every time I laid down to breathe, it was like coming home, over and over again. I was able to heal traumas from this life and beyond, gain clarity around my path, and in the most vulnerable of spaces, the facilitators held me in ways I have been yearning for on a deep soul level.

I learned more than just facilitating breathwork. I learned that when women come together led by the heart, a ripple of change is sent out across the planet as we all journeyed back to our corners of the globe. I learned that to be a great leader, you must lead yourself with presence, truth and trust first, and that external “sparkly shit” means nothing if you don’t have that inner world knowing walking with you, in every step. For the first time in my life, I felt safe to be me. To be all of me, no matter how “too much” it may feel for others.

I couldn’t recommend this training enough- even if you don’t want to facilitate in your community, it’s one of the best experiences and tools I’ve ever invested in.
— Louise, Australia (On the Breathwork Facilitator Training)

Kaya and Aeleo’s presence feels other-wordly, angelic even, especially during their immersions and ceremonies. If anyone has heard the term “star beings”, I would undoubtedly say this applies to them. What they access is outside of my full comprehension. I can’t really explain how they are the catalysts that they are but they simply are. It is almost like they are able to see into other places that the individual cannot and help retrieve the parts of them that have been dormant, blocked, abandoned or ignored and mystically enliven them, forging them back together and empowering the highest aspects of the individual to birth through. It is challenging to describe what happened energetically and spiritually during their immersions but I know I will never be the same. This experience has impacted me in too many ways to speak. I feel like I am finally becoming my true self. Thank you for all that you are Kaya and Aeleo. I bow to you in gratitude.
— Nina, New York

There are no words for how amazing and transformational the Sacred Breathwork Facilitator Training was. The opportunity came into my life at the perfect time and brought in an abundance of true light and strength. Kaya and Aeleo are such beautiful souls and have so much love and healing to offer the world! I am forever grateful that they appeared on my path and have helped me to find my most aligned, powerful self. I did not originally choose to do this training to become a breathwork facilitator, I am a stay-at-home mother of young children, so I thought I was just doing it as part of my own healing journey, but that quickly changed and now I cannot wait to offer this deep healing to others. My heart is so full of gratitude and my mind is in a state of pure bliss!
— KIFFANY, BEND (On the Breathwork Facilitator Training)

I had small intentions heading into the Sacred Breath Facilitator Training but after only one day of working with Kaya and Aeleo I realized my path and purpose was going to expand far beyond what I have ever imagined. Kaya and Aeleo are extremely passionate about the Sacred Breath format and how it can transform both the individual and collective. Their enthusiasm and dedication encouraged me to pursue myself in a safe and loving environment, allowing me to peel back many layers that were blocking who I really am. I am leaving the training with gratitude, love and desire to bring forth this flame onto my path with newfound purpose and understanding. I wanted to thank you both again for all your care, compassion, wisdom, enthusiasm and inspiration. I have never believed in myself as much as I do now, I have never understood and cared for humanity as much as I do now.
— Laurie, Canada (On the Breathwork Facilitator Training)

Kaya and her team created a beautiful, safe container for us to not only journey into ourselves through our breath, but also to connect with each other on the deepest levels. Through finding self love, it enabled us to unify with all that is, to see the divinity in everyone and everything. Through this, we lost a sense of “I” and melted into the most profound unity.
— Kimberly, Colorado

This training has been one of the most transformational experiences of my life. I came in with no expectations— just a knowledge that breathwork has the ability to heal us and open us to our true nature in ways that other modalities only just graze the surface. The Sacred Breath Training has rewired the way I function as a human being. It has allowed me to let go of so many stories I was subconsciously holding. It has enabled me to become gentler with myself, and in that place of compassion, my spirit has the space to flourish and expand at such an accelerated rate. I was able to uncover how engrained this type of work is in my own DNA— that my own source code has known long before the rest of me found that I wanted this. It has been many years that I’ve felt as though I was wandering this planet in search of my own truths, and through this incredible Sacred Breath Training, I found that the entire time, the answers were always within me.

The environment that Kaya creates for this transformation was undoubtedly the most powerful component of the training. Not only does the material feel completely aligned and connected, she creates a container for learning that allows you to actually become a vehicle of receptivity, so that it feels as though your entire being is absorbing the information, and your mind’s understanding and interpretation of the words spoken is just one part of this learning.

Kaya speaks to your soul through so much intentional creation of sacred space, connection, and an acknowledgment of the many influential forces at play. She opens the door and reminds you that there are so many rooms to explore within this life. Where many other trainings target a learning that takes place only in the mind, Kaya creates a space where all the systems of your being become activated and open.

I don’t think it’s possible to express in words the amount of gratitude I have for Kaya and the other facilitators. I am forever changed and have finally anchored into my inner compass. I have grounded within my being, an unshakable truth that the only way out is through, and that surrender is the only way to embody strength. I am honored and filled with excitement to bring this incredible work back to my community. Thank you so much, Kaya.
— MELISSA, CALIFORNIA (On the Breathwork Facilitator Training)

This experience has taken me to a new level. A transformation. To trust the initial calling has been such a blessing. I have been able to see inside myself and identify the organic beauty that has always been there. I am forever grateful for this entire journey. I have shared so deeply with my partner and you both. I now hold the world and myself so differently. I was gifted with new eyes to see.

There is no moment more beautiful than that which you meet your soul for the first time. I am eternally grateful to Sacred Breath Academy (and to the other inspiring women in the circle that I journeyed with) for holding space and creating a healing container for me to go deep within and unlock the keys to my own divinity. I will always remain in awe of the mysteries of the breath.
— Isabelle, Australia

Having practiced daily meditation for half of my life, I was greatly surprised by the potency of Sacred Breathwork with Kaya. Kaya is rooted in the Shamanic traditions of using music, sound and ceremony as well as her own energy and voice to help guide the journey which I found to be serene and liberating. By the end of the two-hour immersion, I felt I was traveling through indescribable dreamscapes in a state of complete euphoria. But of equal importance to me were the tools I took away from the experience, to be able to incorporate these breathing techniques into my daily mediations. I truly believe breathwork is the healing modality of the future and I now use it every day of my life... Breath is the forgotten power we hold within.

I am so grateful for the breathwork journey I took with Kaya. Not only is she masterful in her guidance, but she is wonderful at holding space. I had a huge breakthrough surrounding my music career around the activation of my authentic voice. Further, the euphoric sense of peaceful calm I left with has stayed with me. Kaya is a blessing and I would highly recommend her to anyone interested in the healing modality of breathwork.
— Jami, California

Through the breath (Spirit, Source, God or a thousand other names), I was able to connect to the multi-dimensional aspects of my being. Whether they were the lives of ancestors living within me or other lives of mine, I don’t fully know yet. Regardless, I was able to unify them in powerful ways; like a diamond with infinite facets. I was able to see things differently, through higher and more interconnected vantage points. I reached levels of consciousness I never knew to be possible. I remembered Kaya and Aeleo from another place.

I will never be the same. I am filled with gratitude. This journey I have taken was a discovery of self, of the universe, of life, and of the connection every being innately possesses. Where before there was isolation is now knowledge, love and understanding. There is hope. It was always inside me, waiting to be rediscovered. I am forever changed, my being now open to the infinite possibilities that are life, love and connectedness. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I love you both.
— Jessica, USVI (On the Heart of Bali Immersion)