Our dreams are like seeds of crystalline potentiality; if we do not give them the attention and nutrients they deserve, they will never rise from the soil of our hearts and birth into the waking world...  

- Sacred Breath Academy




Many people are alive, yet never truly live. We are all born with inordinately beautiful codes hidden within us. Some refer to this as one's personal genius. Did you know you are made of the same atoms that birth galaxies and stars? For most individuals, their higher potentialities sleep, lying dormant until activated. Once unlocked however, an unshakable sense of purpose and raison d'être (reason for being) can be known and embodied.

It is our deepest mission as mentors to catalyze others in the profound discovery of their greater potential,

empowering the most exquisite versions of themselves to come forth. 


AWAKEN TO YOUR true self. 

wake: cause something to stir or come to life.

evoke, rouse, revive, awaken, rekindle, rejuvenate, stimulate

In working with us, you come to understand your soul's unique blueprint, tap into your vast intuitive wisdom, cultivate your emotional compass (your foremost seat of guidance), access your inner master, and utilize the radical healing properties of the breath to ignite your own transformation and empowerment. You will awaken to the most authentic version of yourself- who you were before the world (parents, community, society, educational systems) told you who to "be". In this, lies an eternal sense of innocence and playfulness, passion and purpose, grace and honor. This process involves surrendering to the subtle whispers of the soul and remaining open to what your higher wisdom wants to reveal. Remember, all lies within you.

At your central core exists an unfathomable intelligence and multidimensional knowing.

Let us guide you into illuminating your own brilliance. 

During this mentorship, we will hold sacred space for you to feel safe to journey inwards. 

What diamonds exist within, yearning to be discovered?

What dreams lie dormant in the recesses of your heart, waiting to be birthed into waking life?


ALIGN TO YOUR purpose.

Together, we will elucidate your innate gifts, your vast personal power and your infinite creative potential.

You are magnificent; a living, breathing miracle.

We are here to guide you in re-membering who you truly are.

Why are you here? What are you meant to do in this world? What is your legacy?

Together, we will uncover the answers to these precious questions...


During this Mentorship, you will:

  • Be held in a safe, intentional space in which you feel comfortable to navigate your inner landscapes, emotional and subtle bodies with grace and presence

  • Be guided through the art of self inquiry and into the wisdom of any reoccurring themes and patterns in your life

  • Learn to acknowledge, discern and release any unconscious programming, conditioning or perceptual lenses that have been restricting your flow of energy, abundance and ultimately wellbeing

  • Be trained to quickly decipher emotions in order to understand and integrate their meaning
  • Be encouraged to grieve any lost parts of your self that want to be reclaimed and integrated (soul retrieval) on this journey back to wholeness
  • Learn to trust your inner knowing and how to act upon this intuition
  • Develop your voice and take ownership of your power
  • Be trained in universal mechanics and taught how to develop “the sight”, which allows you to pierce the "veil" and see the patterns that exist behind all manifest phenomena
  • Redefine your relationship to life and discover what it means to live in accordance with your deepest truth
  • Be supported in dismantling dysfunctional relational dynamics and building new ones rooted in real love, compassion and authenticity  
  • Find ways to monetize your gifts to the world so that everyday is spent embracing your essential self and higher callings
  • Discover or deepen your understanding of the energy body and learn tools and techniques to maintain a spiritually-attuned and empowered attitude
  • Activate your personal genius and soul's blueprint
  • Receive a holistic dietary and wellness plan based on your specific health needs

Let us embrace all that is alive in you, as it is through becoming truly intimate with ourselves that we find the care and devotion that is necessary in order to become the most authentic and empowered version of ourselves.

During our time together, we will provide you with a contextual framework based on fundamental spiritual principles and universal mechanics, which will help you to see your life more clearly, make sense of your experiences, and move your energy in an effective way in the direction of your souls calling.  

We do not deal in standardized constructs. Instead, we have a powerful array of teachings, practices, and experiential processes we can draw from in order to work with whatever may arise within you, and will apply our knowledge and skills in a highly personalized manor to support you on this journey.

We will assist you in redefining your life

so that it reflects your SOUL'S BLUEPRINT AND higher purpose. 

One of the most powerful things we can do is to redefine our relationship with life. Each one of us is a vivid manifestation of universal creative intelligence, and it is our responsibility to tend to this relationship first and foremost, above all others. This (inner) relationship will ultimately determine the quality of all other (outer) relationships we have in this life. It is in this realization that we discover a spectrum of spiritual needs that must be met in order for us to THRIVE. Because of this, our relationships must exist as meaningful bonds of synergistic co-creation and should serve to ultimately nourish our seeds of potentiality within. 

We will support you in taking the necessary actions to assure that your relational, personal and business dynamics are in alignment with your true needs, and that they are nourishing and encouraging in nature. 

You are so deeply loved; so incredibly worthy.

You have always been and always will be enough.

We see you and honor you always in your totality.

Life eternally wants to support you, and for you to fully align to this organic unfoldment, you must be willing to release any agreements you have made (consciously or unconsciously) that restrict the flow of abundance, creativity, joy, passion, sovereignty and connectivity. These are the foundations that will guide the work we do together.   

This mentorship is for you if:

  • You are tired of living someone else’s dream for you and ready to take authorship of your own reality

  • You want to learn to monetize that which you are most passionate about

  • You don't feel you are living your purpose (you know there is more to the unfoldment of your life but are struggling with where to go from here)
  • You are through with playing small and ready to step into your personal power
  • You are ready to move beyond unhealthy relationships
  • You want to heal for your children, families and ancestors, breaking unhealthy patterns and shifting interpersonal dynamics
  • You know you were born with a higher calling and need further support in order to fully actualize it
  • You are ready to offer your gifts to the world
  • You have the willingness to take the necessary steps to ensure a healthy, vibrant future
  • You are ready to heal your past and release the old, stuck and stagnant
  • You require guidance in understanding major life events
  • You are experiencing difficultly moving forward with your life (i.e. the same tired stories keep playing out on loop)
  • You are curious about the higher nature of your authentic self
  • You are ready for more love, passion, creativity, joy and abundance in your life
  • You are looking for honest feedback and genuine reflection from those who are willing to be in service to your personal development and can can gently hold you accountable for your intentions for the future

  • You are willing to surrender to the flow of beauty, grace, synchronicity and magic that is wanting to birth into your life

We want to know you, walk with you, and support you in living your true potential. 

This Mentorship Program Includes:

  • One initial 120 minute call with Kaya and Aeleo to lay the groundwork (if you are seeking specifically a man or woman, one-on-one work can be arranged also). The initial call is where we get to learn all about you and become clear on your goals, aspirations, blockages, challenges, intentions and visions for the future. Here we will assess where you are and where you are going. Together we will craft a newfound direction, a roadmap for what you truly desire, incorporating your real-time goals and soul-centric intentions that support your higher vision and embodiment. We will gently hold you accountable each week and track your progress.

  • Weekly personalized sessions with Kaya and Malakai, utilizing the highest echelons of their training including guided breathwork immersions, processing techniques, intuitive guidance, quantum healing tools, transformational coaching and more. 

  • Email and chat support

  • The support of a consistent motivational container- two loving and dedicated friends, guides and allies that you may call upon as your rocks to continuously support you throughout your process of transformation. 

  • A personalized high impact wellness plan including daily breathwork practices, meditations, yoga, exercise, a holistic diet with meal plans, along with lifestyle, herb and supplement recommendations

Now, choose your journey...

Illuminate (1 Month)

1 month mentorship with weekly sessions, coaching, breathwork, email/chat support and personalized wellness plan.

Expand (3 Months)

3 month mentorship with weekly sessions, coaching, breathwork, email/chat support and personalized wellness plan.

Embody (6 Months)

6 month mentorship with weekly sessions, coaching, breathwork, email/chat support and personalized wellness plan.


(6 Months + Week-long Retreat in Bali)

6 month mentorship with weekly sessions, coaching, breathwork, email/chat support, personalized wellness plan and week-long retreat on the beautiful island of Bali. 

*All Mentorship participants must step into a 30-minute session with Kaya and Malakai to make sure we are a fit for this commitment. Please fill out the form below to take the first step and schedule a call.



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