Co-Founder of Sacred Breath Academy and Co-Creator of The Sacred Breath Method, Aeleo has realized from an early age that he was put on this earth for a highly unique and powerful purpose. From this unshakable knowing, it has been become his life’s work to carry out his sacred calling on a global level. Like many, he was born into tragedy and subjected to significant conditioning and early hardship. Having such a background, he has made it his mission to resurrect the lost parts of himself that carry the truth of his being and create avenues for this authentic self to express true love into the world.  

Aeleo writes: “I have come to feel incredibly grateful for the pain that I have endured in this life, as it has been through the process of reclaiming my self from the layers of conditioning that I have generated the passion for supporting others in that same journey. It feels natural, like it was always meant to be. To be honest, there is no way I could have known how to serve others in this way if I hadn’t gone though the same process.”

Aeleo has been on the path of awakening for over a decade now and has devoted himself to the process of inner alchemy, or spiritual refinement of self. He holds an infinite curiosity for understanding the fundamental principles of creation and seeks to find the universal, thematic truths that underlie all things. His teachings are simple, yet profound; distinct yet all-encompassing.  

“I view life as a massive tapestry of co-creation, where all beings are contributing their personal truth within the collective. This truth can either be generated from a conscious surrender to one's deepest, most essential nature, or, forged in the fire of a perceived separation from Source. Such is why it all comes back to the individual, as all dysfunctional systems or outer “authorities” are merely the result of the collective rejection of self on the intimate most levels. Thus, if we want to heal, we cannot address the problem by attempting to manage the symptoms, but rather we must we go to the root, something that lies within the individual's authentic sovereignty and relationship with creation. We are all walking miracles, inexplicably yet eternally connected to (and literal manifestations of) the creative life force, imbued with the endless impulse to become more of who we are. When we deny our essential nature (an infinite wellspring of multi-dimensional intelligence) through not attuning to our emotional and subtle body, we turn to unhealthy substitutes in order to fill this void. We do unthinkable things in order to protect ourselves from the grief that lives in the recognition of just what we have compromised in ourselves. The longer we deny the wound, the worse it gets. The horrors we see on the world stage are the symptoms of a collective investment into the myriad strategies that are available to support this denial, and until enough people choose to honor their relationship with life itself, which begins with listening to the wisdom of the body and inner knowing, we will see the manifestation of these dysfunctional systems in ever-growing complexities. In each moment, we are given the opportunity to honor life and tend to this most sacred relationship. However, if we deny this responsibility, we ultimately forfeit our sovereignty to systems of limiting thought and control (both inward and outward) that promise to manage and thereby dictate our lives for us. This is why my work is to support the individual in remembering the beauty, truth, sovereignty and innocence of who they are beneath all layers of conditioned self and elucidate the path of surrendering to the unfathomable wisdom of their truest nature… This is how we return to grace.”


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Beyond men's Coaching • 60 min

As men, when we devote ourselves to spiritual development and embodiment, life begins to reveal to us a great purpose- one that is deeply personal, yet carved from the universal qualities of the masculine archetype. It is a gift that is often buried within yet something we are destined to become; a version of ourselves that lives up to the virtues of our deepest nature.  

Now, more than ever, the world needs men who are dedicated to healing on both a personal and collective level- men who are willing to surrender any borrowed power they have attained from a broken system, and who are ready to engage in sincere self work as a means to transform the way they show up in the world.  

Within the heart of every man exists a warrior of truth, a protector of mankind, and a steward of life. Our work together is to chisel away at the layers of conditioning we have unknowingly taken on in this life so that we can reclaim what it deeply means to be a man.  

A large part of this work involves a crumbling of the walls we have unknowingly built around our hearts, so that we can feel again. As men, we have been taught that vulnerability is a weakness and that to be immoveable is strength, yet this notion has actually forged an incredible disconnection from ourselves and those we care about most. The emotions that so many of us have been conditioned to suppress are a natural part of being alive and actually one of our most invaluable tools in navigating reality. We must recognize how in many ways we have been trained to be soldiers in someone else’s war, and that it is only by listening to the subtle knowings that live in our emotional body may we break free. From this place we can begin to stand for something real that lives inside of us, something that connects us to all of life, that ignites that spark of purpose in our souls to be in service to something greater than ourselves.

If you are ready to take a stand and release all that exists between you and your most essential nature, journey with me into the depths of what it means to be an awakened man in today's world.  

The process begins with creating space for you to share your story with me, and from there we will work together to design a program specific to your needs.

"All around the world, men are looking for an empowered way to face their inner and outer challenges.
Through this journey of Initiation, men will experience insights into their own personal and spiritual development. This is the path of the integral warrior, a burgeoning new masculinity on the horizon. Let us step into a paradigm where men are true stewards and protectors of the feminine and of all life."

Throughout this coaching series, we will explore the deep wounding of men around the notions of masculinity, and to offer a more wholistic and empowering blueprint.

This is a journey of discovery of the Sacred Masculine. 

"Few of us have had role models who embodied a spiritual, balanced masculinity. In our media and culture, we are presented only with a narrow range of options; a very imbalanced, unhealthy, and one-sided manhood. Yet within ALL of us, male and female, exist both masculine and feminine qualities. Opposite and complementary, like yin and yang, both are part of the whole; each is imbalanced without the other. An authentic masculinity embraces the Sacred Marriage: the creative union of both masculine and feminine.

This powerful spark and hallowed union holds the essence of life.

The time has arrived to transcend outmoded and imbalanced stereotypes of masculinity. From archetypes and metaphors that support a spirituality linked closely to nature and healing, we can foster a balanced sense of identity as men. Descending into the body to discover the wounds we carry, we embrace both shadow and light, and celebrate essential wholeness. As we honor the Sacred Marriage within, we transform our outer relationships as lovers, partners, husbands, fathers, teachers, and elders. When we embody the Sacred Masculine, not only do we awaken to the creative power in our core, we become artists of cultural renaissance and transformation." 


Through Men's Empowerment Coaching, you will: 

- Come to more fully understand the nature of masculine and feminine principles on an archetypal level

- Illuminate your coded blueprint through a Personal Genius Activation

- Develop the tools to foster your innate gifts so you may bring them into the world

- Work towards monetizing your purpose; learn to live a life that reflects your values

- Cultivate a fierce and loving heart to create real impact in your family, community and the world

- Become a source of true masculine strength and empowerment to others

- Learn what it means to walk as a steward of life, compassionate warrior and protector of mankind 

Men's Empowerment Coaching
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