*Please make sure to read everything fully before moving on to the questions.

The Sacred Breath Facilitator Training is designed as an invitation into the most beautiful octaves and higher aspects of one's being, in addition to a comprehensive training immersion for the student. You will heal, you will shed, you will learn, you will activate. But you must be ready for this. For with higher knowledge comes reverential power, and with such power comes sacred responsibility. While the decision to serve humanity in this way is a noble intention, the path comes with a responsibility to represent the spiritual forces of existence with integrity, humility and grace. Thus, we seek to guide the student into their most crystalline embodiment so that they may harness and anchor these energies, becoming a true conduit of the divine. By walking between the worlds in purity, one may begin to bridge spirit and matter, illuminate shadow, heal wounds, empower the true self, actualize dormant potential, and weave beauty, light and truth into all they touch. 

Loving Disclaimer: With respect, please only take the time to apply if you have already begun the journey of sincere self-inquiry, shadow work and/or inner alchemy, for such is paramount in aligning to the intentional container we hold throughout the training. Do note that this is not a surface or "fluffy" immersion, but rather that which is deep and transformative. Though we do not require a breathwork background for one to participate, an understanding of the awakening process, previous teaching/space-holding/facilitation experience and/or knowledge of spiritual arts is recommended. If you do not have this background, you are more than welcome to still apply for the training as part of your personal healing journey and complete a series of further pre-requisites to become certified in the future.

Our Training is a Mystery School into the most precious jewels within.

Our Facilitator Training is first and foremost a Rite of Passage and Spiritual Initiation into the role of the Sacred Way-Shower and New Paradigm Leader. And not everyone reading these words is ready at this stage in their evolution. The teachings, practices and personal healing journey you will experience is designed to pave the way for Self-Mastery and Actualization. This is the Path of the Initiate which includes an Alchemical Journey into the Temple of Self. This is the real work; the great work; the life's work. And it is only in this sacred space that we may meet ourselves in the sublime boundlessness of our potentiality.

We each contain an exquisite personal genius; our raison d'etre; the luminous purpose of why we have come here, to this planet, at this time. In order to fully actualize this higher purpose, we must, in turn, be willing to meet, witness and shed all conditioned and illusory aspects of self that are preventing us from unlocking it. We must further be willing to integrate and reclaim any frozen, fragmented or disassociated parts back into multidimensional wholeness. For the only way out is through... And this profoundly rewarding quest only begins by knowing thyself. The breath, container, practices and inquiries we weave during our time together will become the undercurrent of your graceful metamorphosis. 

Once one reclaims their authentic and essential nature, they may realize their greater potential, soul's blueprint and etheric codes. But first we ask: Are you truly willing to shed and transform? To let go of limiting belief structures and old narratives? To step into your divine sovereignty and realize your intrinsic and eternal worth, defined by no outside source? Are you willing to meet and explore your growth edges? To stay with that which is tender or wounded and still be present within these delicate spaces, turning toward not away from? Will you strive to hold yourself in compassion and self-care throughout the journey? Will you allow the melting of perceptual illusions through ubiquitous love and awareness?

Once this takes place: Will you be ready to receive the most beautiful gems of your being that are your highest birthright? Will you explore your infinite creative potential? Will you be a part of a new paradigm of Way-Showing and Spiritual Leadership? Will you re-member the fullness of who you are and why you are here?

If you have answered yes to each of these inquiries, we invite you to apply below. Please know that our prompts are not meant to deter in any way, but rather to ensure that each student is at a place of ripeness and readiness in their lives for this kind of work and the alchemical container present. Note that our breathwork modality is profound, paradigm-shifting and life-changing medicine and not all will be in the necessary alignment to stand as Sacred Space-Holders of Breath Medicine. This is not to say that you won't be ready in time, but it is important that there is a deep self check-in and full, embodied "yes" before joining. Please know that we love, respect and acknowledge each of you, wherever you are on your path. Thank you for reading and taking the time to honor our requests. 

How to Apply: We keep our trainings intentionally intimate to cultivate a certain depth of process and also allow for more hands-on learning. That said, spaces are very limited and we sell out 3-6 months in advance, depending on the training. If you would like to move forward, please submit your application questions below and we will be in touch for a phone interview. If the training feels resonant on both ends, you may sign up with a deposit to hold your place. The remaining balance can be paid in installments so as long as paid in full prior to the start date. We look forward to learning more about you!

(Note: Anything shared below will be kept confidential. We also invite you to be as honest, authentic and vulnerable as possible.)

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