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November 9-15th 2019 *SOLD OUT


Lead paradigm-shifting breathwork immersions to transform others on the deepest levels of mind, body and spirit. The practice of conscious, connected breathwork is truly unparalleled in its healing capabilities and the world yearns for this somatic medicine now more than ever. Breath is the carrier wave of life itself and holds some of the the most powerful mysteries known to humanity… The masters of the East knew that breath was the secret to unlocking the highest states of consciousness, nirvana and bliss— for we were always meant to live in complete and total vibrance and vast and unbounded ecstasy. It is only now, at a pivotal time in human history, that we begin to proliferate this knowledge back into the world. If you feel the sacred call to learn this craft, it is because you are being cosmically-summoned into the precious role of assisting the collective in an exquisite awakening and flowering of higher potential.

Become a Certified Breathwork Facilitator and learn the Art of The Sacred Breath Method™, Authentic Space-Holding, Shamanic Container Creation, Deep Circling/Processing and New Paradigm Leadership. Become a Luminous Way-Shower of the Breathwork Movement and become Skilled in Leading Life-Changing Breathwork Immersions.

Together, let us bring this profound inner technology to those ready to receive, create powerful quantum ripples, and be at the forefront of an emerging spiritual renaissance. 

- 36-Hour Level 1 Training -

Member of the International Breathwork Foundation


Our Very Special Location: Kinkara Retreat Center


Many have forgotten their exquisite origin and divine birthright.

We see a world of kings and queens incarnate with a great and celestial amnesia...

Yet, Breathwork is the precious gateway to this immense remembrance.

For breath is the holy of holies; the spirit incarnate; the eternal doorway to the luminous temple of self.

We are multifaceted diamonds yearning to become; to actualize on all levels; to fulfill our greatest soul’s blueprint,

We are here to remember who we are…

- Kaya Danielle Leigh



- Alexander Lowen, The Voice of the Body

On Breathwork...

Breath is the carrier wave of life itself, the sacred bridge between spirit and matter, and the chariot of the soul. The word breath and soul, or spirit, are synonymous in many ancient languages. The Sanskrit word 'prana', the Latin 'spiritus', the Greek 'pneuma', the Hebrew 'ruach' and the Old Norse ‘önd’, are all words that unify the concepts of breath and spirit. Breathing techniques have been used by ancient cultures around the world for eons in order to access spiritual dimensions of the self, for the purpose of deep insight and transformation. In more modern times, various techniques stemming from this core practice have begun to permeate healing communities around the globe, with diverse benefits ranging from trauma release to transpersonal revelation.

Conscious Breathwork is the purposeful application of conscious, connected breathing in both one-on-one and group settings, guided by a skilled practitioner and the Spirit of Breath, held within a ceremonial container. The Spirit of Breath in this case refers to the multi-dimensional collective intelligence that naturally seeks balance and wide-spectrum healing, surrounding and guiding the act of conscious breathing. For thousands of years humans have found by changing the rate, ratio, volume and flow of the respiratory cycle, there can be experiential and perceptual shifts in consciousness, spiritual awareness, cognition and self-identity. More recently, when applied therapeutically, the shifts experienced in conscious, connected breathing has been proven to ignite a deeper sense of inner connection, somatic intelligence, emotional empowerment and psycho-spiritual integration. 

The Sacred Breath Method ™ is a portal or gateway to non-ordinary states of consciousness where profound healing and transformative experiences can occur. Many who have studied and implemented this method say it is the next caliber of transpersonal healing and find it to be completely life-changing. Through the unfathomable intelligence of breath (Spirit), the breather is guided on a personal journey into their being, or soul. Here, one is able to access higher states of awareness, spiritual wisdom, and emotional breakthroughs (catharsis). The multi-faceted experience of the Sacred Breath Method incorporates conscious, connected breathwork, intentional ceremony, powerful music, high grade essential oils, vibrational sound, energy work, quantum breakthrough coaching, sacred circling/processing and various other tools to invoke the deeper aspects of one's being. Integration techniques follow the breathwork journey so that the experience may be solidified into day-to-day life.

Throughout the breathwork process, the healer within (the one who knows all already) will illuminate that which the breather needs to see, allowing for both a reclamation and reintegration of any abandoned facets of self and a releasing of limiting perceptual lenses. Additionally, the breathwork will catalyze a powerful cellular healing process in the breather that is difficult to put into words and can only be experienced. Once the channels are fully open, breathwork may further take us into the mystical states of knowing, awareness and consciousness. Some merge with source consciousness, enter into still point, traverse that which is the infinite, boundless and formless, or have profound epiphanies, realizations and transcendental experiences. Remember, there is an infinite wellspring of love, creativity, inspiration, passion, abundance and vitality awaiting you, just on the other side of releasing residual fear, trauma, pain, blockages, stagnations or false beliefs. Breathwork is the key to unlocking the crystalline grail within. It seeks to clear all that stands in the way of our most luminous expression and higher embodiment. 


 - Thich Nhat Hanh


The SBA Breathwork Facilitator Training is designed for the Path of the Initiate, as a Life-Changing Journey into the Temple of Self. Our Training Program is an Exquisite Rite of Passage into the role of Spiritual Leader and Way-Shower. For we may only take others as far as we have taken ourselves, and we may only meet them at the depth in which we have met ourselves.

Our Academy is a Mystery School into the most precious jewels within, into the crystalline throne of the soul. Through an Energetic and Somatic Pilgrimage, the Facilitator-in-Training will traverse the remaining unmet aspects of self in order to shed, retrieve, witness or integrate before they may step into the role of Way-Shower, as the only gateway to true Self-Actualization and Embodiment. We do not have to search outside ourselves to receive the answers we seek in our lives; we need only make a pilgrimage deep inside our own bodies. For the body is divinity in manifest form. Can you comprehend how miraculous you are?


Our Facilitator Training is an intentfully-crafted amalgam of metaphysics, art, science, psychology, intuition, somatic inquiry, inner journeying, embodied wisdom, gnosis, activation, actualization, rite of passage, spiritual initiation and beyond.

At SBA, we emphasize the importance of a holistic approach to breathwork, where conscious breathing ultimately serves as a catalyst for the process of awakening, soul activation and/or a complete paradigm shift. This process is highly alchemical in nature and can completely transform the lives of others if they are ripe for change and receptive to the unfoldment.

Additionally, we are unique from other breathwork schools in that we perceive post-breath processing as being equally as important as the breathwork journey itself— for this is how the facilitator is able to support others in successfully anchoring and crystallizing the powerful inner shifts induced by breath back into their lives. At SBA, we believe this is the only way to create real and lasting change. Change is measured not by internal understandings, but by how we show up in real-time, moment-to-moment, within our lives— for ourselves, our intimate relationships, our sacred work, our communities and beyond. It is also evident in how we respond to challenge, trigger and conflict, both inner and outer. 


  • A powerful Facilitator's Training led by Kaya Leigh, Sacred Breath Co-Founder and International Breathwork Teacher, Speaker and Trainer

  • 36 hours of mentorship and hands-on support to teach you everything you need to know in order to facilitate breathwork for others

  • Healing initiations into clearing any remaining traumas, micro-traumas, ancestral imprints, core wounds, or limiting beliefs so that you may activate your highest potential and deepen into your crystalline embodiment/soul’s blueprint

  • Personal Genius Activation

  • Invaluable preparation to lead breathwork immersions for private clients, in the workplace and in workshops/immersions/ceremonies

  • A solidification of your knowledge and understanding of the Science and Art of Breathwork

  • A knowing of how to anchor sacred ceremony and understanding of the pillars of space-holding and energetic gridding

  • A deepening of your own embodiment as a bridge to higher states of receptivity, consciousness and lucidity for both self and others

  • A comprehensive training manual

  • 36 hours toward your Master Breathwork Certificate (if you choose to go further in the process)

  • Guidance on how to build a thriving breathwork practice and how to utilize conscious marketing strategies to create lasting impact in the world



For each of us, there is a force that is always calling us to remember our deepest nature. 

It is the knowing within that we are a part of something sacred, loving, and incredibly intelligent that is forever imploring us to surrender into the mystery and embrace this life fully, without reservation. 

 Can you feel it?

The longing to become that elusive self that dwells in absolute freedom.  

The ache to return.

You are being summoned forth by the same intelligence that orchestrates the synergistic complexities of nature, that births galaxies. It is your divine origin. And we are here to remind you of who you truly are, beyond all conditioned identity. It is our greatest honor to hold a space for you that will dissolve the barrier between your perceived sense of self and your boundless spirit. For when we attune to the wisdom within, the soul can be known, felt, and fully realized. This is the path of aligning to your most authentic expression. 


There is no greater unifier than the mutual agreement to be in service to the emergence of the sacred spirit within. Some of the people we have worked with over time have become the dearest friends of ours. When one undergoes such powerful shifts and wants to implement lasting change in their lives, it is amazing to know they have support and guidance just a phone call away. We are here for you far beyond our week together. The transformation we weave extends infinitely. 

YOU WILL attune to your celestial birthright

 You are deeply loved and forever supported by the universal intelligence in which you are a part of. In each moment, we are given the opportunity to honor life and tend to this most essential relationship. If we want to heal (or even hold space for others to heal), we cannot address the problem by attempting to manage the symptoms, but rather we must we go to the root, something that lies within the individual's authentic sovereignty and relationship with creation. We are all walking miracles, inexplicably yet eternally connected to (and literal manifestations of) the creative life force, imbued with the endless impulse to become more of the same. When we deny our true nature (an infinite wellspring of multi-dimensional intelligence), primarily through not attuning to our emotional and subtle body, we turn to unhealthy substitutes in order to fill this void. This is why our work is to support the individual in remembering the magnitude of who they really are, beneath all layers of untruth, and elucidate the path of surrendering to the unfathomable wisdom of their truest nature… Herein, lies the sublime reclamation of self.

We are diamonds yearning to become,

And so we must remember who we are…

This is why we are here.


We will not shy away from meeting the more delicate aspects of your being. 

We deeply understand the importance of embracing the tender wounds we each carry before we may set them free. If necessary, we will grieve with you until any lost aspects of self are fully seen and integrated. For your wounds are the gateway to freedom.

By creating this sacred space, we are anchoring a way of being that represents what is possible for humanity if we were to honor our relationship with the spirit within, the planet, and each other. It is our intention that this experience will inspire you to redefine your relationship with life itself and allow your priorities in waking reality to reflect the unfathomable beauty and depth of what is possible. When we surrender to this process, in vulnerability, openness and receptivity, each participant (including the facilitators) will depart as a completely different person- a truer version of themselves. From this place, we create anew, aligning to higher universal truth and forging a unique path of our own. Sacred Breath trainings are a powerful opportunity to shed that which no longer serves you and step into your most crystalline embodiment.

The space created for your metamorphosis will be one of grace and profundity, gentle yet deep.

Together, we will actualize your potential. 


Many of us carry unconscious beliefs that were never truly ours to begin with. Such beliefs stem from myriad sources, including parents or primary caregivers, family members, ancestral lineages, educational systems, media and society at large. These beliefs cause us to see ourselves and the world not as they are, but as our beliefs dictate. This can, in turn, result in a kind of stagnation, causing us to replay old stories on loop, preventing us from fully living the life we so deeply yearn for. During this immersion, we will be excavating and uprooting any unconscious beliefs that hold you back from living the life you truly want and dismantling them at the thought level— this is the realm of the quantum. Once they are recognized, acknowledged and seen for what they are, they can be finally released.

We are all meant to experience continuous vibrancy and powerful life force flowing through us. We are here to feel alive and boundless; to know the creative spark of animus. If this is not your predominant state of being, then, together, we will iniatiate your return to the deep wholeness that is your birthright- for it is a natural, graceful process of coming home.

Upon this, you will discover how to become a true architect of your life, creating from a place of purpose, passion and lucidity. We realize that vast potentiality that lies within you, and will encourage you to trust in your infinite capacities and precious gifts. In each moment, we will invite you to stand resiliently in your personal sovereignty- every individual's seat of power. And remember, we are here to support and empower you every step of the way.


One of the most powerful things we can do is to redefine our relationship with life. Each one of us is a vivid manifestation of universal creative intelligence, and it is our responsibility to tend to this relationship first and foremost, above all others. This (inner) relationship will ultimately determine the quality of all other (outer) relationships we have in this life. It is in this realization that we discover a spectrum of spiritual needs that must be met in order for us to THRIVE. Because of this, our relationships must exist as meaningful bonds of synergistic co-creation and should serve to ultimately nourish our seeds of potentiality within. 

We will support you in taking the necessary actions to assure that your relational, personal and business dynamics are in alignment with your deeper needs, and that they are symbiotic, nourishing and encouraging in nature. If they are not at this time, ask yourself if this could this be stemming from old stories or un-serving beliefs structures that unconsciously reflect how you feel about yourself?

Life eternally wants to support you, and for you to fully align to this organic unfoldment, you must be willing to release any agreements you have made (consciously or unconsciously) that restrict the flow of abundance, creativity, love, sovereignty and connectivity. For when you remove the obstructions, such naturally want to pour through you. These foundations will guide the work we do together.   


Remember, there is vast, untapped potentiality that lies within each of us; for every human being contains an exquisite personal genius or raison d'etre, the higher purpose of their existence. In order to fully actualize this purpose one must, in turn, be willing to meet, witness and shed all illusory aspects of self that are preventing them from unlocking it. And this profoundly rewarding quest only begins by knowing thyself. This is the most precious gift you will ever be given— the alchemical unfoldment of remembrance, reclamation and actualization, which only occurs through the process of sincere self-inquiry and inner alchemy. Once the barriers are removed, one may access their etheric codes and soul’s blueprint. Throughout our time together, we will be guiding you in how to unlock and anchor these vital transmissions so that you may carry them forth into your lives.

 By bringing our awareness to rest within the dynamic energy field that lives within, the body becomes more like a musical instrument, perfectly attuned to the vibrational dance of particles, creating profound harmony. A body aligned to the cosmic flow offers no resistance to whatever is happening in the moment, remaining in perfect symbiosis with the rhythm of life. In this inward dimension, we are nourished by the endless flow of All That Is and thereby weave an implicit trust in the natural cycle of both our inner and outer worlds. Here, we are fluid, life is effortless and our body becomes a living poem in motion. When this occurs, the human self and higher soul may live as one.


The Sacred Breath Facilitator Training is designed as a rite of passage into spiritual leadership in addition to a comprehensive training immersion for the trainee. You will heal, you will shed, you will learn, you will activate. Guided by the intelligence of breath and benevolence of Spirit, the entire experience will serve as an initiation into the role of the Sacred Way-Shower. With higher knowledge comes reverential power, and with such power comes sacred responsibility. While the decision to serve humanity in this way is a noble intention, the path comes with a responsibility to represent the spiritual forces of existence with integrity, humility and grace. Thus, we seek to guide the trainee into their most luminous and crystalline embodiment so that they may anchor and harness these energies, becoming a true conduit. By walking between the worlds in purity, we can assist in bridging spirit and matter, illuminating the shadow, healing the wounds, empowering the essential self, and weaving beauty, light and truth into all we touch. 

Each training is completely unique to the individual, based on their spiritual developmental needs. Kaya will anchor a space of receptivity to divine guidance and work to support you in the process of surrendering to the wisdom, passion and unique soul blueprint of your higher self. This entire process will serve to illuminate the essential elements of the very transformation you will be facilitating others to have in the future. By the end of the training, you will have a complete understanding of why we are weaving breath medicine and a knowing that not only are you infinitely supported in offering this revolutionary platform to others, but that the process itself is birthing into the world through you from the loving, celestial beyond.  



- Sheldon Saul Hendler, MD, Ph.D.


"Sacred Breath Academy changed my life. The shifts that occurred during the Facilitator Training were undeniable and powerful. Going through the process was challenging yet beautiful, all within a safe container led by the ethereal Kaya. Kaya guided us through a deeply transformative week and allowed each of us to come into our own power. I reclaimed forgotten parts of myself and rediscovered a sense of self-worth that I thought I had lost forever. I feel ready to hold space for others and feel incredibly passionate about sharing this work with as many people as possible. 

Kaya, I am in deep gratitude of your soul. I don't think my words can fully describe the magnitude of the shifts that have happened. You are the ultimate space holder and I feel confident and powerful because of your encouragement and compassion towards me. I am forever grateful to you and will take the Breathwork torch and set Canada ablaze.

If you are looking for something that will activate a huge paradigm shift in your life, then understand that by reading my words, you are not here by accident and that you are ready to come into your highest potential.”


“This week. I— can’t find the words— I am utterly in love with mama earth, with my new friends, with myself, with you. To think I ever sought joy outside myself, when all this time the treasured gold I was looking for was inside me all along. Thank you to all of the events of the world that led me to find Sacred Breath Academy, to journey into the woods, to journey into Breathwork, to uncover what I had always carried within me. During one of the breathwork journeys in this training, I was overcome with insatiable laughter. I felt like I stepped outside myself and was looking in, and I found it outrageously comical how seriously I take life sometimes. I realized that life is to be treasured, enjoyed, cherished, marveled at— when we see the world as magical, mystical and playful, it is incredibly fun to be alive! We don’t need to “be” anything, just who we are. All we desire is to be loved and safe. It is so simple and beautiful. And what a gift laughter is— like a burst of sunshine from our souls— bright, infectious and wow, the warmth it spreads! 
Life. Is. Full. Of. Magic.
I cannot begin to convey how powerful, wonderful, intense yet glorious Breathwork is! Breath medicine is a magical tool in which we heal ourselves— no outside sources necessary. But I will say having fabulous, compassionate facilitators deepens your experience and touches your heart. If you have a chance to study, heal and grow with these amazing teachers and humans, DO IT!”


“The Facilitator training in Asheville was so incredible and I am BLISSED out after a week of Sacred Breathwork Journeys.💫Words cannot express how grateful I am to have discovered this gentle but oh so powerful modality of healing! It’s allowed me to connect with my spirit in a way I didn’t even know was possible. Tapping into these altered states of consciousness has unlocked so much inner wisdom around my body, my past and my future in such a beautiful way. And as a teacher, I can take my own clients only as far as I’m willing to go myself. I completely stepped outside of my comfort zone and breathed into all the tender areas of my body I had been unknowingly neglecting. During several of the journeys, my intuition showed me how far disconnected I was from my own feminine flow. The hard exterior of the masculine to push, control, do-do-do attitude has been running my life for so long- a subconscious program I developed to be respected and “successful” and to uphold my feelings of self-worth. Awakening my intuition through the breath, allowed me to see the need to let go of that mask and come back to my innate feminine nature.🌹Flowing through life and becoming magnetic by allowing is the beauty of stepping into your truth as a women. Each Breathwork Journey was a completely new resolution, aha moment, energetic shift and vast healing experience. It’s so hard to put into words the deep self-discovery that occurs by connecting consciously to the breath, but it’s a unique and mystical session of growth each time. After all the new knowledge I’ve learned, I can’t wait to take my clients even deeper.”


“The souls that created Sacred Breath Academy (Kaya and Aeleo) are two beautiful, humble humans that are dedicating their life to sharing their sacred knowledge. They will hold space for you to deeply heal from things that can stem all the way back to childhood as well as ancestral trauma. Breath is the fluid voice of your soul. It is a profoundly healing gateway to spiritual, emotional and physical breakthroughs.

A few months ago, I stumbled upon this facilitator training, which, to this day, I do not fully understand how it came to find me but that’s exactly what it did. It found me. I have sat down multiple times over the past few weeks to try to write about my experience but it’s almost as if words are just not enough— which is hard for me to say because words are my love language! But this journey deserves so much more than words. Which is why I am going to devote as much of this lifetime (and let’s face it, many many more) exploring the sacred breath by holding the space needed to help guide others to heal from years of trauma and conditioning. Trying to explain this profoundly life-changing experience I dove into on this training feels impossible. It truly feels like trying to explain the concept of colour when ones eyes have yet to open. But after surrendering and stripping everything back, I was left with all I know. All that I stand for. I was left with Love. I went on so many deeply healing journeys via my breath during this training (some I didn’t even think would be possible without the help of plant medicine), but everything came back to love. Love for myself, love for others and love for absolutely everything! This life is so simple and enjoyable when we just exhale and realise that we are all here to love. Take away the pressure to achieve the unnecessary and just be love! I spent so many years overcomplicating just about everything, trying to figure out my dharma because that is what I thought life should be. And even though I have been an advocate for love for a while, this journey just brushed away anything that didn’t offer this. It showed me that true authentic love from strangers exists by providing me with 9 mind-numbingly beautiful people that are now in my heart forever as family.

I have done my fair share of spiritual trainings and I’m sure I’ve got a few more left to enjoy, however, this wondrous week of my life was my ultimate magic moment. Everything stems from this experience. When I’m 80 sitting on my porch in my rocking chair with a substantial collection of cats surrounding me, this journey will be where I look back to and think— that was when I realised that everything will always be ok. I don’t usually speak about the specific trainings I have done as I feel it is important for us to find our way naturally and organically, however, if you feel called to the path of breathwork and you are waiting for the universe to send a sign then please take this as just that.”


“If you are considering taking this training, don’t think, just do. I just finished up last month and it was invaluable and a very special time. Such a mystical, beautiful, uplifting and life-affirming experience sharing this powerful Breathwork Facilitators Training in the Blue Ridge Mountains with this strong and soulful group. Kaya and Aeleo are magnanimous guides and humans. Thank you to them for the passionate guiding and space-holding. Looking forward to offering these extremely powerful techniques to others.”



“The family we created at our Breathwork Facilitator Training in the Pisgah Forest was truly one of a kind. I enjoyed the laughter, smiles, tears, wisdom exchanged, sharing a kitchen and breathing with this group! I am grateful to have met everyone there— coming together from different parts of the country and world in the most magical of places! We each arrived having done the real work so that we were able to show up for each other so authentically, holding space for one another in a way not many can. I don’t know the nuances of everyones lives, but I am grateful for and honor the things each participant has been through to make them who they were when I met them. It is the powerful healing tool of the breath that brought this group together and is the path I’ve chosen to continue to share with others and look forward to facilitating. This is what a more conscious, loving world looks like and to everyone there, I look forward to our paths crossing soon. Thank you infinitely for the medicine you all brought last week!”


"Participating in the Sacred Breathwork Facilitator Training was a heart-opening and life-changing experience! Kaya and Aeleo create a beautifully sacred and healing space for personal growth through the breathwork and also fully prepare you to guide others through the process. They encourage each participant to find their own path of facilitation, which felt empowering and respectful of our own learning and process. It is clear they have done their own work in the way that they show up with authenticity, unconditional love, non-judgment, and integrity. They are experts at intuiting and meeting people where they are! I can’t wait to do more work with them in the future. I highly recommend this training for anyone interested in breathwork and teaching it in their communities!"


"There are no words for how amazing and transformational the Sacred Breathwork Facilitator Training was. The opportunity came into my life at the perfect time and brought in an abundance of true light and strength. Kaya and Aeleo are such beautiful souls and have so much love and healing to offer the world! I am forever grateful that they appeared on my path and have helped me to find my most aligned, powerful self. I did not originally choose to do this training to become a breathwork facilitator, I am a stay-at-home mother of young children, so I thought I was just doing it as part of my own healing journey, but that quickly changed and now I cannot wait to offer this deep healing to others. My heart is so full of gratitude and my mind is in a state of pure bliss!"


"Through the breath (Spirit, Source, God or a thousand other names), I was able to connect to the multi-dimensional aspects of my being. Whether they were the lives of ancestors living within me or other lives of mine, I don't fully know yet. Regardless, I was able to unify them in powerful ways; like a diamond with infinite facets. I was able to see things differently, through higher and more interconnected vantage points. I reached levels of consciousness I never knew to be possible. I remembered Kaya and Aeleo from another place."


"What an amazing journey I had with Kaya and Aeleo! I did not really know what I was going to experience but it was exactly what I needed. I received so much confirmation of my path and the experience itself catalyzed my personal, spiritual and professional growth. It is now undeniable I was supposed to learn from them on my quest of bringing healing into this world. I feel so blessed, so centered and ready to humbly move forward with integrating breathwork into all aspects of my life. I truly had a spiritual awakening through the training and there are not enough words to express my level of gratitude for this." 


"I had small intentions heading into the Sacred Breath Facilitator Training but after only one day of working with Kaya and Aeleo I realized my path and purpose was going to expand far beyond what I have ever imagined. Kaya and Aeleo are extremely passionate about the Sacred Breath format and how it can transform both the individual and collective. Their enthusiasm and dedication encouraged me to pursue myself in a safe and loving environment, allowing me to peel back many layers that were blocking who I really am. I am leaving the training with gratitude, love and desire to bring forth this flame onto my path with newfound purpose and understanding. I wanted to thank you both again for all your care, compassion, wisdom, enthusiasm and inspiration. I have never believed in myself as much as I do now, I have never understood and cared for humanity as much as I do now." 




  • Self-Healing Series: Clear, Shed, Witness, Retrieve, Empower

  • Metamorphosis Series: Illuminate, Excavate, Integrate, Embody

  • Epigenetics and the “Biology of Belief”

  • Childhood, Womb, and Ancestral Imprinting; The Nature of How We Become Wounded

  • Reichian Body Armoring and Holding Patterns

  • Accessing the Innate Body Wisdom Within; Somatic Inquiry

  • Emotional Intelligence; How to Harness Emotions as a Powerful Compass and Ally

  • Aligning to Your Most Luminous Expression

  • Activating Your Personal Genius/Soul’s Codes

  • Foundations of Facilitation

  • The Science and Art of Breathwork

  • Guiding the Breathwork Journey

  • Sacred Witness, Building Trust, Vulnerability and Deep Sharing

  • Cultivating the Seer Within

  • The Path of the Initiate and Way-Shower

  • The Art of Sacred Ceremony and Keys of Space-Holding

  • How to Weave an Alchemical Container and Intentional Field for Transformation

  • Music, Sound Instruments and Voice: The Sonic Waters

  • Spiritual Bypass, the Shadow Side of Leadership and How to Become a Clear Conduit

  • How to Surrender Personal Ego onto the Altar of Grace in Space-Holding (this is the space where the miracles occur)

  • Post Breath Basics: Safe Touch, Grounding, Re-Orienting and Integration

  • New Paradigm Leadership in an Emerging Era

  • Conscious Marketing and Building a Spiritual Practice: Moving out of Scarcity and Competition into a Platform for Your Most Authentic Voice and Highest Service Blueprint

  • Invoking Your Infinite Creative Potential

*Note: Level 1 is a prerequisite to Level 2

The other programs are as follows:


Exploration of Advanced Breath Techniques including Kundalini, Tantric and Ecstatic Breath

(For Level 1 Returning Students Only)

Level 1 Hours Applied

7-Day Level 2 Training 


2 Year Masters Training and Apprenticeship

Levels 1 and 2 Hours Applied

(For Level 2 Returning Students Only)


The practice of conscious, connected breath is truly next level, a primary reason why we have taken it around the world and continue to remain in awe of the radical transformations it catalyzes in the breather. People who have consistently practiced different modalities of the spiritual arts and development (even for multiple decades or their entire lives) say that this practice takes them beyond anything they have ever experienced in all of their work and all of their years. Sacred Breathwork can, at times, mirror the experience of a plant medicine journey but with no substances. The breath is the medicine, guide and teacher. This work transcends words, space and time. And so, we passionately dedicate ourselves to its proliferation. 

On our journey of facilitating this work, we have learned the importance of honoring its magnitude and trusting that we can come into the most tender and vulnerable places of self if we enter with true humility, surrender, and reverence for the mystery. We are committed to spreading this knowledge and sharing this practice with those who are sincerely devoted to personal healing and planetary service. Only serious applicants will be considered. You would be trained in the spirit of the Sacred Breath Lineage through our Academy, though the work will also mold with your unique blueprint. 

It is important to note though that this path is not for everyone- there must first be a state of authenticity, vulnerability and receptivity present. Breathwork cuts through all layers of illusion, deep into the crystalline core of the soul, both facilitator and breather. It requires the utmost integrity, purity and vibrational match. Remember, with power comes sacred responsibility. If this resonates, please get in touch, for this work is needed now more than ever.

Let us create quantum ripples together...

Throughout this training, you will additionally:

  • Deepen into your own hero/heroine's journey and illuminate the major themes of your life

  • Heal for your families, lineages and ancestors

  • Reforge an unshakable connection to self, others, and the in-dwelling spirit within all things

  • Be held in a sacred space in which you feel comfortable to explore your inner landscapes

  • Learn to acknowledge, discern and meet any unconscious programming, conditioning or perceptual lenses that have been restricting your flow of energy, abundance and ultimately wellbeing

  • Once acknowledged, clear the old, stuck and stagnant and make way for the new and luminous (release what no longer serves your growth and expansion) 

  • Learn to decipher what your emotions are communicating to you and utilize their intelligence to deepen your connectivity to self

  • Be encouraged to grieve and meet any lost or fragmented parts of your being that yearn to be reclaimed and integrated (Soul Retrieval)

  • Learn to trust your inner knowing and how to act upon this intuition

  • Develop your authentic voice and take ownership of your power

  • Be trained in universal mechanics and taught how to develop “the sight”, which allows you to pierce the "veil" and see the patterns that exist behind all manifest phenomena

  • Learn shamanic and ceremonial practices to imbue your life with intentionality and precision

  • Redefine your relationship to life and discover what it means to live in accordance with your innermost virtues and personal truth

  • Be supported in dismantling dysfunctional relational dynamics and redefining and/or nurturing ones rooted in love, mutual respect, and authenticity

  • Learn the art of weaving healthy boundaries with clients and others

  • Discover or deepen your understanding of the energy body

  • Learn to live from your authentic self

  • Be provided with tools and techniques to maintain a spiritually-attuned and empowered attitude in all that you do

  • Uncover your innate gifts and true strengths to offer into the world; be shown how to ignite your purpose in newfound ways

  • Harness the breath to activate your inner healer

  • Be trained in the pillars of life artistry, creating from lucidity rather than unconscious conditioning (i.e. be in command of your life; walk with purpose and intent)

  • Learn to manifest your highest visions and dreams into waking life

  • Be endowed with Conscious Communication and NVC tools to better all of your relational dynamics

  • Be taught self-care practices to nourish and heal the body-mind connection

Our Location: A Luxury Eco Sanctuary


"The clearest way into the Universe is through nature."



Immerse yourself in the beauty of Kinkara, for relaxation and rejuvenation and solitary spiritual practice along with our group training and retreat. Roaring streams, waterfalls, trees, and mountains adorn our 800 acres of land, nestled in the foothills of Costa Rica’s Talamanca mountain range. Kinkara emerges like a vision from a dream, a sacred geometric circle of white tents on an vibrant green lush plateau, 3,000 feet above sea level. The journey to this idyllic, remote setting, ringed by an expansive backdrop of mountain peaks, is made by either proper planes or a drive into the heart of the jungle.

Kinkara’s secluded shangri-la hidden is an incredible environment in which to read, write, paint, hike, take photos, meditate or practice yoga on your down time. You may also explore endless acres of surrounding land. The property includes 35 fully-furnished luxury yurts set around and amid the property’s remarkable garden, an exquisite ecosystem filled with a wealth of edible fruits and vegetables, ponds and more. Kinkara’s mission is to remain a regenerative retreat center, specializing in supporting groups to reconnect with the natural world, and the spontaneous joy of discovery that arises from such.

Amenities and Accommodations

There is no place quite like Kinkára. This special eco retreat is a natural sanctuary for aligning body, mind and spirit and a platform for unique experiences. A place for learning, you’ll draw from nature’s ancient wisdom and reconnect both internally and with others.

Fall asleep under a canopy of stars and wake up feeling refreshed as the sun rises to illuminate your sacred geometric sleeping capsule. These luxury Lotus Belle canvas tents are fully furnished and netted to allow for fresh air flow and the most comfortable and reparative night’s sleep amidst the enchanting jungle elements. Snuggle up in Kinkara’s organic 500-thread count cotton linens and locally-made craftsman furniture. All tents are fuether equipped with premium amenities including reading lights, plush robes, warm blankets, USB charging pods, jute carpets and Wi-Fi. Though we recommend to limit internet use as much as possible during your stay.

Kinkara’s unique activities are centered around nature, their farm, culinary program and the greater focus of deep wellbeing. From yoga, meditation, river hikes, permaculture classes, horseback riding, surf lessons or jungle zip lines, there is truly something for everyone. In the quiet spaces between, you may cherish precious moments alone for self-reflection. Take a dip in the creek or get lost in a trance as you curl up by the fire. In your down time, you may also book massage and spa services, enjoy the sunset as you journal in a hammock, or challenge yourself to a TRX workout–whichever way you like to unwind and integrate in the evenings, you’ll be able to find something that speaks to you.


Jumpstart your morning or refresh after a full day of training in Kinkara’s luxurious bath houses. Custom-designed for a one-of-a-kind experience, you may sink into relaxation as you surround yourself with organic cotton bath towels, locally-crafted amenities, gorgeous local woods, and powerful hot rainfall showers with incredible views into nature. These impeccably maintained, spa-like facilities are a highlight of Kinkara’s property.


- Yoga and Meditation Shala

- Organic cotton linens, hypoallergenic pillows

- USB charging pod inside tents

- Soothing lights inside tents

- WiFi

- Luxury bathhouses with rainfall showerheads and organic amenities

- Organic bug repellent and essential oils

- Massage and spa services available on request



Regeneration is at the heart of Kinkára and is further celebrated by the way guests will nourish their body during their time there. Each day, 2 healing, plant-based and holistic meals will be served (brunch and dinner), with fresh ingredients grown directly and harvested from the property’s regenerative garden and prepared with the utmost care and love. The Kinkara kitchen is dedicated to consciously sourcing ingredients grown from their own land, local farms and nearby artisans. The edible Mandala Garden on site provides guests with earth–to–table culinary delights served bountifully and family-style. Within each plate, Kinkara’s award-winning chef celebrates the inherent abundance of the land through an artistry and diversity that is present within each bite. During the week, we will provide delicious vegan, vegetarian, gluten/grain-free, and pescaratian options to be shared joyously over the table.

With a thoughtful approach to the practice, the chef takes each group’s or individual’s preferences into account. Whether you have allergies, are gluten/grain/dairy/sugar-free, vegan, pescatarian, etc, we will have options for any palate! You may additionally delight in healing elixirs, hand-picked herbal teas, fresh-pressed juices and Kinkara’s house-brewed kombucha.

A daily plant-based and nutritionally-optimal diet ensures each student sustained nourishment in order to receive the maximum benefits of the training immersion. Note: If you have any food allergies or dietary restrictions, please advise so on your application. 



All students must begin by flying into Juan Santamaría International Airport (Aeropuerto Internacional Juan Santamaría). The International Airport Code is SJO. This is the primary airport serving San José, the capital of Costa Rica. The airport is located in the city of Alajuela, 20 km (12 miles) west of downtown San José.


PRIVATE CHARTER PLANES TO KINKÁRA’S AIRSTRIP (must be booked separately through Kinkara)

After arriving to the international airport, you may book travel to Kinkára in a private charter plane, providing direct transportation to the property’s own private airstrip, right in front of the lobby entrance, where you’ll be greeted by our welcoming staff with a cool towel and refreshing beverage. The flight times to/from Kinkára is as follows:

35 min flight from SJO
1 hour flight from LIR

Private charter must be booked directly through Kinkara. You may email guest services at


Kinkára may be accessed via a 35-minute Sansa flight from San José International Airport to San Isidro Airfield with short ground transfers to the property. Twice a day, four days a week flights are available– Sundays, Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. Shuttle service is available from San Isidro Airfield to the property for a fee (depending on group size). View flight times and schedule by visiting If you would like assistance in booking this flight, please contact Kinkara at



Kinkara works with several private transportations companies that they can recommend by request. Alternatively, you can enjoy a drive through the various scenic routes of Costa Rica on your own!
3 hour drive through the mountains from SJO, or 4 hours driving by the coast
6 hour drive from LIR
6 hour drive from Arenal
1 hour 45 min from Manuel Antonio

If you would like assistance reserving transportation, please contact


Sacred Preparation

We additionally encourage everyone to spend some quality time with themselves during the weeks leading up to the retreat in order to get in touch with their deeper needs, desires and intentions. This will be immensely valuable in how we both show up individually and co-creatively during the training. It is also helpful to begin cleansing the diet in the weeks prior as well, to ensure your most vibrant self during our time together. A great first step is the elimination of all processed foods, junk foods, sodas, sweets, etc. In their place, you may take in as much rich, nutrient-dense whole foods as desired (dark leafy greens, fresh salads, seeds, nuts, nut butters, avocados, cold-pressed coconut and olive oils, low glycemic fruits, cruciferous vegetables, wild fish (if you eat meat), superfoods, and so on). 

Investment Options


With Private Lodging and Daily Meals: $2,777; With Shared Lodging and Daily Meals $2,444

A $700 deposit is required to book your training and hold your place. The deposit is non-refundable and non-transferrable unless in the event of an unforeseen emergency. In the case of such an emergency, the deposit may be transferred to another retreat or training at a later date or to another trainee. The deposit may be transferred up to 30 days before the training's start date minus a $150 administration fee. You will be responsible for contacting the person to transfer the deposit to, and we are able to assist you in this process if needed. The rest of the tuition cost may be payed in installments as long as paid in full prior to the start date. Note: We are very flexible in working with those truly called to this modality and will help to make it a reality. If you need to begin with a smaller deposit and make installments, we can work with you. 

What is included in the cost of the Training Package: 

  • A Powerful Facilitator's Training led by Kaya Leigh, Sacred Breath Co-Founder and International Breathwork Teacher, Speaker and Trainer (and her team)

  • 36 hours of Mentorship and Hands-on Experience to teach you everything you need to know in order to facilitate breathwork for others

  • A Comprehensive Training Manual

  • 6 nights/7 days at our Beautiful Elemental Retreat Center

  • Private or Shared Accommodations in our Eco-Luxury Belle Tents

  • 2 Earth-to-Plate Family-Style Meals Each Day (including specialty coffee drinks, juices, kombucha, smoothies and elixirs during meal times)

  • 1 Guided On-Site Activity Per Day i.e. Temescal (Sweat Lodge), Gong Bath, Sound Healing, etc.

  • Luxurious, Organic Amenities i.e. Organic Bug Repellent, Organic Linens and Towels, Essential Oils, etc.

  • On-Property Facilities

What is not included in the cost of the training:

  • Personal Expenses

  • Massage or Spa Bookings on the Property

  • Flight

*In the spirit of acknowledging the complexity of our times, Sacred Breath Academy would like to offer one partial scholarship per training to a POC interested in learning the craft. To apply, please contact Kaya at

*Private individual and group trainings may also be booked throughout the year. If this calls to you, contact Kaya at or fill out the form below. 

Due to the intimate nature of this transformative immersion, we are only able to offer the training to a limited number of people. If you would like to join us but have more questions before applying, we ask that you inquire via the form below. Otherwise click "Apply Now" above to begin the application process. If the dates do not align for you and you still feel called, you may explore the option of a private training with us. 

After a phone interview determines you to be in resonance with the training, you may reserve your spot via a deposit or payment in full. Upon registering, an additional welcome phone call will be arranged to learn more about you and any specific needs you may have.

Anything you share will always be kept confidential. We welcome people of all levels of experience, age, race, creed, gender and abilities.

You may also email us at for in-depth inquiries.