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On the Magical Island of Bali

Level 1 May 4-10 2020 ::: Level 2 May 14-20 2020

NOTE: Level 2 is not mandatory to begin facilitating breathwork. It is possible to begin with Level 1 and come back to Level 2 at a later time. Also keep in mind SBA Trainings sell out up to 3 months in advance, depending on the location, and Bali is one of our most popular destinations! To reserve your place, please do not wait to begin the application and interview process. Deep love!




Become certified through Sacred Breath Academy, a leader of the breathwork movement.

Lead paradigm-shifting breathwork immersions to transform others on the deepest levels of mind, body and spirit. The practice of conscious, connected breathwork is truly unparalleled in its healing capabilities and the world yearns for this powerful, somatic medicine now more than ever. If you know you are meant for this work, we invite you to learn more about our Breathwork Academy and Inner Mystery School to become a Certified Breathwork Facilitator, Teacher and Way-Shower.

The Sacred Breath Academy Professional Certification Training is an unparalleled journey into the Art, Science and Spiritual Mastery of Breathwork Facilitation as well as Alchemical, Intuitive Space-Holding. It is also an exquisite Initiation into Embodied, Spiritual Leadership and Visionary Way-Showing within an emerging new paradigm of consciousness.

The Sacred Breath Academy Training Program is one of the most spiritually-advanced and multi-faceted Breathwork Trainings available, where the personal metamorphosis and inner activation of the initiate-in-training is held equally to the real-time skills acquired. 

Breath is the carrier wave of life itself, the sacred bridge between spirit and matter, and the chariot of the soul. It is an ancient art form that holds some of the the most powerful mysteries known to humanity. The masters of the East knew that conscious breath was the secret to unlocking the highest states of consciousness, sentient embodiment, lucidity and bliss— for we were always meant to live in complete vibrance and unbounded, ecstatic presence, connected to ourselves, each other, the divine and all that is.

However, due to its power, this breath was kept secret for eons and passed down only through closed lineages of initiation. It is only now, at a pivotal time in human history, that we begin to proliferate this hidden knowledge of the ancients back into the world, in order to assist the collective in healing from generations of trauma and conditioning and also to awaken our greater dormant potential.

Sacred Breathwork is considered to be one of the most advanced techniques of self-mastery on the path to embodied ascension and a fast-track to spiritual metamorphosis. Whereas some individuals take years, decades or lifetimes to work through the root of their wounds, imprints and distortions, breathwork will gracefully cut through the layers of illusion, putting you into direct contact with their source code. In breathwork, there is no where to run or hide. You must lovingly meet and face yourself in complete presence to all that lives within you. “One breathwork session is equivalent to about two years of psychotherapy.” - Henry Rohrberg, Ph.D. Or, as one of our students put it: 

“I spent 30 years meditating in order to connect with my true self. Yet through this lifelong meditation practice, I had detached from my emotions to the point of disassociating from my deeper feelings and pain body. I was spiritually-bypassing the discomfort and living in mental constructs of ‘transcendence’, which was, in all actuality, simply avoidance. In just a few breathwork sessions, however, I not only had a substantial union with my emotional body, profound catharsis and transformational heart-opening, but I was able to venture into inner dimensions that were never possible through mediation. It truly changed everything for me.”

Sacred Breathwork is highly alchemical in nature raising one’s vibration and bringing them into direct contact with their light (ka) body for strengthening and activation. Because it can penetrate both the subconscious and the quantum, this method of breathwork is one of the few entry points in existence for activating untapped genetic potential, forging new neural pathways, healing ancestral, womb and childhood imprints on a cellular level, recalibrating the parasympathetic nervous system in a continuous way (internal relaxation response), and accessing the source code of core wounds and emotional blocks for deep catharsis, completely changing the way we respond to and interact with life in real time. Conscious Connected Breathwork is the pathway to lucidity, divine sovereignty and self-actualization. It seeks to clear all that stands in the way of our most luminous expression and higher embodiment. To breathe is to be alive; to breathe fully is to be fully, ecstatically alive.

If you feel the call to learn this sacred craft, it is because you are being summoned into the deeply needed role of assisting the collective in a planetary awakening and flowering of higher potential. Together, let us bring this profound inner technology to those ready to receive, create powerful quantum ripples, and be at the forefront of an emerging spiritual renaissance. 

Become a Certified Breathwork Facilitator through Sacred Breath Academy and learn the Art of The Sacred Breath Method of Conscious, Connected Breathwork, Alchemical Space-Holding, Shamanic Container Creation, Deep Circling/Processing and New Paradigm Leadership. Become a Luminous Way-Shower of the Breathwork Movement and Skilled in Leading Life-Changing Breathwork Immersions.

Sept 23-29, 36-Hour Level 1 Training + POST-REQUISITEs for INTEGRATION

Oct 2-8, 36-Hour Level 2 Training (72 hours total)

Sacred Breath Academy is a Member of the International Breathwork Foundation


Many have forgotten their exquisite origin and divine birthright.

We see a world of kings and queens with a great and celestial amnesia...

Yet, Breathwork is the precious gateway to this immense remembrance.

For breath is the holy of holies; the spirit incarnate;

the eternal doorway to the dazzling temple of self.

We are multifaceted diamonds yearning to become; to actualize on all levels;

to fulfill our greatest soul’s blueprint.

We are here to remember who we are…

- Kaya Leigh


The importance of breathing need hardly be stressed. It provides the oxygen for the metabolic processes; literally it supports the fires of life. But breath as "pneuma" is also the spirit or soul. We live in an ocean of air like fish in a body of water. By our breathing we are attuned to our atmosphere. If we inhibit our breathing we isolate ourselves from the medium in which we exist. In all eastern and mystic philosophies, the breath holds the secret to the highest bliss.” 

- Alexander Lowen, The Voice of the Body

Why an In-Person, Intimate, Hands-On Training in an Intentional, Alchemical Container is more Powerful than a Longer Web-Based or Digital Training

As we begin to spiritually evolve, we are moving into the realm of living transmissions- real-time codes that may only be harnessed by the sentient wisdom of the moment; intimately and in-person, not across a computer screen or Zoom call.

It is our knowing that becoming a Spiritual Teacher or Way-Shower extends far beyond paperwork, classroom learning and proper certifications. One can have hundreds of hours of “training time” and/or a wall filled with framed accreditations, yet has still failed to venture into the precious alchemical spaces of self, where the real transformation is born. Even with all the hours under the proverbial spiritual belt, an aspirating teacher may still fail to fully meet themselves. In fact, some might even say they are hiding behind the mounds of “paper”. Yet paperwork and prestige are a dying vestige of the old paradigm. And it is erroneous to believe that this aspect can translate fully into spiritual arts if the Initiate has not gone through the internal refinement process to prepare to take on such a role. Yes, instruction, theory and classroom-style learning are also important, and we do teach this ourselves. But if we stop at only this, we fail to see the totality of what is needed most: the path of true embodiment. 

At Sacred Breath Academy, one of the most important things we can communicate is such: If teachers or those presenting as “teachers” have not journeyed deep into the throne of self, been humbled, cracked open, broken, reconstituted, and initiated over and over— through metaphorical death and rebirth, dissolution and coagulation, formless and form… If they have yet to take that vital dive into the shadow and tender aspects of their being, for complete transformation from chrysalis to butterfly and phoenix from ashes (or, at the very least, in the midst of this process), they will inevitably be playing out unconscious wounds, fancifully disguised beneath the verbiage of spiritual jargon and garb or the pretense being evolved/enlightened. And unfortunately, teachers operating within this kind of self-illusion is all too common in spiritual communities today… However, the facade will always crumble in time… 

The reasons above are why our trainings differ from many others, especially those which are digital or web-based. Our trainings are much more than just an opportunity to acquire skills and knowledge— they are profound spiritual initiations and rites of passage into the sacred role of Way-Shower. Through this Alchemy of Self-Realization, there are profound mysteries that begin to reveal themselves to the Initiate. The alchemy begins with the process of going into the darkness, the cave, or the womb. From the spaciousness of the void, we are reborn into the light, forging an impermeable union with the essence of our soul. In our dissolution, we become. Just as the lotus births from the mud, we rebirth ourselves many times during our facilitator training. Upon our emergence, we stand before a field of pure potentially; a bare palette that we may create upon. This is the realm of lucidity and of the true self— a self which exists beyond illusion and conditioned identity. Thus, this entire process will serve to illuminate the essential elements of the very transformation the Initiate will be facilitating others to have in the future. It is an important rite of passage that may not be bypassed. 

Additionally, breathwork is very sensitive, delicate work and there is a responsibility which comes with it. There is no way to truly experience what is needed to support breathers in their process of release over a computer screen. Trauma, wounds and deep, somatic unwinding may only be met person-to-person, heart-to-heart, through the sentient, real-time wisdom of the moment.


On the most basic level, breathing is a life-sustaining process more important than even food or water for our survival. Without breath, we could not exist for longer than a few minutes. Breathing deeply and consciously improves the quality of our health, emotions and our ability to be more present in our experiences, centering us so that we may show up, open and available, for both the beauty and challenges of our life.

Oxygen is our greatest and first source of energy. It is the fuel required for the proper operation of all bodily systems. Many find it surprising to learn that only 10% of our energy comes from food and water and 90% of our energy comes from oxygen. Thus, every cell in our body requires oxygen to live and, even more so, the optimal levels to thrive.

Further, billions of pounds of chemicals are being introduced into our air, water, soil and food annually and the impact these toxins have on our health and planet is critical. Every time we take in toxins from our environment, they enter our body and redistribute through our cells. Breathing deeply, however, cleanses our system of residual toxins and allows for oxygenated blood to circulate, purify and nourish our body. Breathing deeply also increases respiration and circulation, and as a result, improves the flow of lymphatic fluid, aiding in the elimination of waste in over 600 nodes throughout the body. In fact, did you know that breathing alone is responsible for 70% of toxin elimination within the body? 

Breath, the sacred bridge between spirit and matter...


Breath is the carrier wave of life itself, the sacred bridge between spirit and matter, and the chariot of the soul. The word breath and soul, or spirit, are synonymous in many ancient languages. The Sanskrit word 'prana', the Latin 'spiritus', the Greek 'pneuma', the Hebrew 'ruach' and the Old Norse ‘önd’, are all words that unify the concepts of breath and spirit. Breathing techniques have been used by ancient cultures around the world for eons in order to access spiritual dimensions of the self, for the purpose of deep insight and transformation. In more modern times, various techniques stemming from this core practice have begun to permeate healing communities around the globe, with diverse benefits ranging from trauma release to transpersonal revelation.

Conscious Connected Breathwork is the purposeful application of circular breathing in both one-on-one and group settings, guided by a skilled practitioner and the Spirit of Breath, held within an intentional or ceremonial container. The Spirit of Breath in this case refers to the multi-dimensional collective intelligence that naturally seeks balance and wide-spectrum healing, surrounding and guiding the act of conscious breathing. For thousands of years humans have found by changing the rate, ratio, volume and flow of the respiratory cycle, there can be experiential and perceptual shifts in consciousness, spiritual awareness, cognition and self-identity. More recently, when applied therapeutically, the shifts experienced in conscious, connected breathing has been proven to ignite a deeper sense of inner connection, somatic intelligence, emotional empowerment and psycho-spiritual integration. 

The Sacred Breath Method of conscious, connected breathing is a gateway to expanded states of consciousness where profound healing and transformative experiences can occur. It is a revolutionary inner technology that serves to awaken and activate the healer within— the one who holds all keys and answers already. Through this work, we support a new paradigm of sovereignty in which we no longer rely solely on outsides sources for our healing or empowerment. We may instead return to the knowing that everything lies within, and conscious breathing is the catalyst of this sacred remembrance.

Many who have studied and implemented the Sacred Breath Method say it is the next caliber of transpersonal healing and find it to be completely life-changing. The Sacred Breath Method recalibrates the emotional body, heals the pain body and activates one’s etheric codes by unlocking the soul's multidimensional knowing. Through the unfathomable intelligence of breath (Spirit), the breather is guided on a personal journey into their being, or soul. Here, one is able to access higher states of awareness, spiritual wisdom, and emotional breakthroughs (catharsis). The multi-faceted experience of the Sacred Breath Method incorporates conscious, connected breathwork, intentional ceremony, soul-invoking music, high grade essential oils, vibrational sound, energy work, quantum breakthrough coaching, sacred circling/processing and various other tools to invoke the deeper aspects of one's being. Integration techniques follow the breathwork journey so that the internal shifts may be anchored back into one’s life in real time.

Throughout the breathwork process, the healer within will illuminate that which the breather needs to see, allowing for the compassionate meeting (and reintegration) of any fragmented aspects of self, along with the dissolution of limiting beliefs, stories and ways of seeing that are not in alignment with their deepest truth. Many will also release emotions that have been lodged in the body for decades, if not an entire lifetime(s). Just as we practice physical hygiene, spiritual and emotional hygiene are equally as important to our wellbeing. Thus, we must clear these trapped or stagnant emotions from our channels, body, and nervous system if we want to make more space in our being for higher vibrational tones to come in. Think of the trapped emotions as a dams holding back water (or life force energy). By finally breathing into the emotion(s), we may uproot it, surface it, feel it, express it, then release it back to source. The release is like the dam breaking, and finally the water (or life force) can flood in. Many feel indescribably lighter afterwards, as if a great weight has lifted from them. Some also deem conscious breathwork to be extremely therapeutic, as it can actively clear the imprints, stagnations and blockages out of the body in a visceral and lasting way.

Additionally, the breathwork will catalyze a powerful cellular healing process in the breather that is difficult to put into words and can only be experienced. Many call it “energy surgery”. Once the channels are fully open, breathwork may further take one into the mystical states of knowing, awareness and consciousness. Some merge with the godhead, enter into still point, traverse that which is infinite, boundless and formless, or have profound epiphanies, realizations and transcendental experiences. Others may tap into their inherent genius or innate bliss, experiencing a newfound love for life. Breathwork is also a gateway for individuals to reclaim their personal power, divine sovereignty and authentic voice. Remember, there is an infinite wellspring of creativity, inspiration, passion, joy and vitality awaiting each and every one of us, just on the other side of releasing fear, trauma, pain, blockages, stagnations or false beliefs. Breathwork is the key to unlocking the crystalline grail within. It allows us to remember who we are on the most precious levels, and seeks to clear all that stands in the way of our most luminous expression and higher embodiment. 



“Most of us are not using our whole respiratory system to breathe. In fact, many of us use just 33%, a mere third of our total capacity. The next time you look at a newborn baby as they sleep, take note of the way their whole body is breathing and how their breathing is connected. Their back, belly and chest move together with no blockages. Toddlers usually breathe into their chests and their bellies. The breath moves consistently, like an ocean wave ebbing and flowing.

Each human being is unique, with a unique breathing pattern illustrating their story, where they are in the world, and how they perceive themselves. A breathing pattern may hold a story that encompasses trauma, early childhood experiences, belief systems, perceptual lenses, ancestral and cellular imprints, and beyond. Because our breath represents how we flow in life. But as we open and expand our breath, we have more energy and support for the body’s natural healing abilities. Our primary breathing muscles are the diaphragm, intercostals, scalenes and abdominals, yet many are over-working the upper chest muscles and not breathing into the diaphragm, which creates tension. There can be tightness in the diaphragm, which is attached to the deep-seated core muscle, the psoas (from the Greek word meaning ‘loin region’), and if this becomes tight, the hips also become constricted.

If we consider the way we breathe a metaphor for how we live our lives, it becomes obvious that as we restrict our flow of breath, we impede our natural flow. By focusing our intention on reaping the benefits of breathing, we begin to experience a relationship with our life force, our creative power. Once we revive this creative flow, we begin to nurture our bodies and minds, and the fear and pain we’ve unknowingly internalized as a result of trauma or destructive thought patterns is transformed into love, creativity and joy.”


Did you know that everything that has ever happened to us and up to 14 generations of our ancestors is recorded in our cells, as DNA is 80% memory? A Emory University neuroscience study has shown that the environment impacts the genetic makeup of up to 14 future generations. In this highly unethical study, mice were given electric shocks next to the scent of a cherry blossom, embedding a trauma within them which correlated to scent. Those mice then went on to reproduce, and when their offspring were placed next to the scent of a cherry blossom, even with no other external stimuli, they would still exhibit the same physiological systems of the trauma. Their nervous systems would immediately switch into fight or flight, causing a sudden onset of anxiousness and the release of stress hormones. This can be extrapolated to humans and many of the traumas our ancestors endured via war, hardship, abuse, degradation, oppression, scarcity, poverty, etc. Not to mention, women in particular carry large amounts of repressed shakti and womb trauma, due to the silencing, repression and mistreatment of the feminine, spanning across millennia. Then, there is the matter of past life trauma which is an entirely separate matter. 

So, what are the spiritual implications of all of this? Everything lives in our cells and continues to influence us in real time. Everything that has ever happened to us, our parents, grandparents, and much of our ancestral lineage is imprinted deep within our being. We, as a collective, carry inordinate amounts of trauma of generations before us and also as a global people today living in a fast-paced, life-diminishing and consumerist society. Because genetic markers can transmit trauma across generations, still influencing our behavior in the now, it is so important to do the deep ancestral clearing work as spiritual leaders birthing the new paradigm. We, today, right here, right now, can break the link in the chain through conscious awareness, and begin to create a new reality for our lineage, literally changing our DNA through the dissolution of ancestral trauma and embodiment of new frequencies.   

When we break the link in the chain by becoming aware of ancestral imprints, we transmute and alchemize the wounds of the past that live within us. We begin to write a different story— one of unity, enchantment, beauty, compassion, integrity and peace. We heal for our bloodlines, beginning to imbue trust where there was once fear, light where there was once darkness, and wisdom where there was once pain. We soon create a new legacy— one that is forged in love, presence, and awareness. So… let us birth a new future together…

Also, according to cognitive neuroscientists, we are only conscious of about 5% of our cognitive activity— thus, most of our decisions, actions, emotions, and behavior depends on the 95% of brain activity that goes beyond our conscious awareness. Meaning, we are 95% influenced by our unconscious content! 

Every feeling that is ignored becomes lodged in the body as tension. Every emotion unresolved becomes locked in as pain. And every self-defeating thought of limitation gets recorded as deflation. Failing to meet life with the totality of our being means our reluctance will translate into physical retraction. Hard belly and shallow breath— over and over again— becomes an armoring that shields the tenderness of an open heart. And there is nothing like an armored body to prevent us from softening into the delicious depths of our feelings. Many will spend a lifetime running away from what they are too afraid to meet in the naked fullness of their awareness… but the body never lies.

As Deepak Chopra says, “the biochemistry of the body is a product of our beliefs, thoughts and emotions.” Every unloving thought we have towards another or ourselves gets imprinted as a cellular memory that creates biological disharmony. A body that has learnt to tighten into fear and shape itself around the entrainment of a repetitive story is guaranteed to de-sensitive us from the natural rhythms of life. But neither neglect or control will free us from the inescapable fact that we are bound by physical form in this life, with all of its imperfections and fluctuations.

For only by complete and total acceptance of the full spectrum of human experience as filtered through our senses— from ecstatic pleasure to agonizing pain— can we transcend our density and move into the lightness of being. The body is much more than just a complex arrangement of chemicals and molecules: it is a bio-spiritual portal into the quantum realm of unlimited potential. It is right here, deep in our visceral experience of embodiment and the tangible evidence of our existence, that we may reconnect to who we truly are. And breathwork is the gateway to this sublime reconnection.

Breath is the bridge which connects life to consciousness, which unites your body to your thoughts. 

 - Thich Nhat Hanh


We at SBA are the keepers of both ancient and newfound knowledge, and our intention is to support Spiritual Arts Teachers, Visionaries, Leaders, Luminaries, Conscious Entrepreneurs, Facilitators of All Kinds, Coaches, Alternative Therapists, Wisdom-Keepers, Space-Holders, Healers, Ceremonialists, Mystics, Seers, Dreamers, Light-Workers, Those Who Walk Between the Worlds, etc, of all countries, genders, ages and backgrounds, who feel an alignment with breath medicine as a means of sacred service to anchor a new paradigm of potentiality and to assist in the awakening and elevation of humanity.

By collectively bringing the way of breath back into the world, we may support the deepest forms of cellular healing on a collective scale. Through this process, we begin to imbue a new way of living, seeing and relating as a template for what is possible, something needed in the collective now more than ever as people begin to awaken from a cultural hypnosis and search for higher meaning in their lives. We have all the resources available to us to anchor a kind of heaven on earth, and it is only the decaying and life-diminishing systems that keep fear and scarcity in place. Thus, may we forge a new legacy for the future of our world through this deep healing work, as change begins with us. 

The SBA Breathwork Facilitator Training is designed for the Path of the Initiate, as a Life-Changing Journey into the Temple of Self. Our Training Program is an Exquisite Rite of Passage into the role of Spiritual Leader and Way-Shower— for we may only take others as far as we have taken ourselves, and we may only meet and hold space for them at the depth in which we have met ourselves.

Our Training is a Mystery School into the most precious jewels within; into the throne of the soul. Through an Energetic and Somatic Pilgrimage guided by the Alchemy of Breath, the Facilitator-in-Training will explore the remaining unmet aspects of self in order to shed, retrieve, witness or integrate before they may step into the role of Way-Shower, as the only path to true Self-Actualization and Embodiment. Anyone who desires to become a facilitator or leader must first and foremost begin to master their own being, going deep into the tender spaces which haven’t been fully seen or acknowledged, and illuminating them with loving awareness. This is the path to direct gnosis— the transmutation of wounds into real-time, embodied wisdom; for such leads to a depth of compassion, empathy and presence not available without taking this journey. By first holding space for yourself, you can then more deeply invite the same for others.


Our Facilitator Training is an intentfully-crafted amalgam of metaphysics, art, science, alternative psychology, intuitive guidance, somatic inquiry, inner journeying, embodied wisdom, direct gnosis, activation, actualization, rite of passage, spiritual initiation and beyond.

At SBA, we emphasize the importance of a holistic approach to breathwork, where conscious breathing ultimately serves as a catalyst for the process of awakening, soul activation and/or a complete paradigm shift. This process is highly alchemical in nature and can completely transform the lives of others if they are ripe for change and receptive to the unfoldment.

Additionally, we are unique from other breathwork schools in that we perceive post-breath processing as being equally as important as the breathwork journey itself— for this is how the facilitator is able to support others in successfully anchoring and integrating the powerful inner shifts induced by breath back into their lives. At SBA, we believe this is the only way to create real and lasting change. Change is measured not by internal understandings, but by how we show up in real-time, moment-to-moment, within our lives— for ourselves, our intimate relationships, our sacred service, our communities and beyond. It is also evident in how we respond to challenge, trigger and conflict, both inner and outer. This is the real work.



Bali is one of those special places that will awaken your soul. Inundated by natural beauty, mystical temples, and spirit-infused culture, the experience of being on island alone is enough to stimulate a profound spiritual awakening. Such is why seekers from all around the globe flock here to be reminded of the sacred, to be inspired to love more feverishly, and to live more fully.

Bali is also a powerful energy vortex, located at the convergence of several prime energy meridians or earth lay lines. There is a felt shift that occurs internally when one steps foot on island. It is truly enchanted.

Take a moment and breathe into your heart … listen … Does the island speak to you? You will know if you are meant to embark upon this journey with us…



For each of us, there is a force that is always calling us to remember our truest nature. It is the knowing within that we are a part of something sacred, loving, and incredibly intelligent that is forever imploring us to surrender into the mystery and embrace this life fully, without reservation. 

 Can you feel it?

The longing to become that elusive self that dwells in absolute freedom.  

The ache to return.

You are being summoned forth by the same intelligence that orchestrates the synergistic complexities of nature, that births galaxies. It is your divine origin. And we are here to remind you of this— of who you truly are, beyond all conditioned identity. It is our greatest honor to hold a space for you that will dissolve the barrier between your perceived sense of self and your boundless spirit. For when we attune to the wisdom within, the soul can be known, felt, and fully realized. This is the path of aligning to your most authentic expression. 


There is no greater unifier than the mutual agreement to be in service to the emergence of the sacred spirit within. Some of the people we have worked with over time have become the dearest friends of ours. When one undergoes such powerful shifts and wants to implement lasting change in their lives, it is amazing to know they have support and guidance just a phone call away. We are here for you far beyond our week together. The transformation we weave extends infinitely. 


 You are deeply loved and forever supported by the universal intelligence in which you are a part of. In each moment, we are given the opportunity to honor life and tend to this most essential relationship. If we want to heal (or even hold space for others to heal), we cannot address the problem by attempting to manage the symptoms, but rather we must we go to the root, something that lies within the individual's authentic sovereignty and relationship with creation. We are all walking miracles, inexplicably yet eternally connected to (and literal manifestations of) the creative life force, imbued with the endless impulse to become more of the same. When we deny our true nature (an infinite wellspring of multi-dimensional intelligence), primarily through not attuning to our emotional and subtle body, we turn to unhealthy substitutes in order to fill this void. This is why our work is to support the individual in remembering the magnitude of who they really are, beneath all layers of untruth, and elucidate the path of surrendering to the unfathomable wisdom of their truest nature… Herein, lies the sublime reclamation of self.

We are diamonds yearning to become,

And so we must remember who we are…

This is why we are here.


We will not shy away from meeting the more delicate aspects of your being. 

We deeply understand the importance of embracing the tender wounds we each carry before we may set them free. If necessary, we will grieve with you until any lost aspects of self are fully seen and integrated. For your wounds are the gateway to freedom.

By creating this intentional space, we are anchoring a way of being that represents what is possible for humanity if we were to honor our relationship with the soul, the planet, and each other. It is our intention that this experience will inspire you to redefine your relationship with life itself and allow your real-time priorities in waking reality to reflect the unfathomable beauty and depth of what is possible. When we surrender to this process, in vulnerability, openness and receptivity, each participant (including the facilitators) will depart as a completely different person— a truer version of themselves. From this place, we create anew, aligning to higher universal truth and forging a unique path of our own, woven from our soul’s deeper codes. Sacred Breath Trainings are a powerful opportunity to shed that which no longer serves you and step into your most luminous embodiment.

The space created for your metamorphosis will be one of grace and profundity, gentle yet deep.

Together, we will actualize your potential. 


Many of us carry unconscious beliefs and lenses of perception that were never truly ours to begin with. Such beliefs stem from myriad sources, including parents or primary caregivers, family members, ancestral lineages, educational systems, media and society at large. These beliefs cause us to see ourselves and the world not as they are, but as our beliefs dictate. This can, in turn, result in a stagnation of higher potentiality, causing us to unknowingly replay old stories, preventing us from fully living our highest trusts and creating the life we so deeply yearn for. During this immersion, we will be excavating and uprooting any unconscious beliefs that hold us back from living our most authentic, juicy and inspired life, and powerfully dismantling them at the thought level— within the realm of the quantum. Once these false perceptual lenses are recognized, acknowledged and seen for what they are, they can be finally released. We will also delve deeply into the Biology of Belief, body armoring and how your beliefs actually affect your physiology and well-being.

We are all meant to experience continuous vibrancy and powerful life force flowing through us. We are here to feel alive and boundless; to know the creative spark of animus. If this is not your predominant state of being, then, together, we will initiate your return to the deep wholeness that is your birthright—

for it is a natural, graceful process of coming home.

Upon this, you will discover how to become a true architect of your life, creating from a place of purpose, passion and lucidity. We realize the potentiality which lies within you, and will encourage you to trust in your innate capacities and precious gifts. In each moment, we will invite you to stand resiliently in your personal sovereignty— every individual's seat of power. We are here to support you every step of the way and hold space for you to remember your infinite potential.


One of the most powerful things we can do is to redefine our relationship with life. Each one of us is a vivid manifestation of universal creative intelligence, and it is our responsibility to tend to this relationship first and foremost, above all others. This (inner) relationship will ultimately determine the quality of all other (outer) relationships we have in this life. It is in this realization that we discover a spectrum of spiritual needs that must be met in order for us to thrive. Because of this, our relationships must exist as meaningful bonds of synergistic co-creation and should serve to ultimately nourish our seeds of potentiality within. 

We will support you in taking the necessary actions to assure that your relational, personal and business dynamics are in alignment with your deeper needs, and that they are symbiotic, nourishing and encouraging in nature. If they are not at this time, ask yourself if this could this be stemming from old stories or belief structures that unconsciously reflect how you feel about yourself?

Life eternally wants to support you, and for you to fully align to this organic unfoldment, you must be willing to release any agreements you have made (consciously or unconsciously) that restrict the flow of abundance, creativity, love, sovereignty and connectivity. For when you remove the obstructions, such naturally want to pour through you. These foundations will guide the work we do together.   

YOU WILL UNCOVER YOUR AUTHENTIC VOICE, personal genius and soul’s blueprint

Remember, there is vast, untapped potentiality that lies within each of us; for every human being contains an exquisite personal genius or raison d'etre, the higher purpose of their existence. In order to fully actualize this purpose one must, in turn, be willing to meet, witness and shed all illusory aspects of self that are preventing them from unlocking it. And this profoundly rewarding quest only begins by knowing thyself. This is the most precious gift you will ever be given— the alchemical unfoldment of remembrance, reclamation and actualization, which only occurs through the process of sincere self-inquiry and inner alchemy. Once the barriers are removed, one may access their etheric codes and soul’s blueprint. Throughout our time together, we will be guiding you in how to unlock and anchor these vital transmissions so that you may carry them forth into your lives.

 By bringing our awareness to rest within the dynamic energy field that lives within, the body becomes more like a musical instrument, perfectly attuned to the vibrational dance of particles, creating profound harmony. A body aligned to the cosmic flow offers no resistance to whatever is happening in the moment, remaining in perfect symbiosis with the rhythm of life. In this inward dimension, we are nourished by the endless flow of all that is and thereby weave an implicit trust in the natural cycle of both our inner and outer worlds. Here, we are fluid, life is effortless and our body becomes a living poem in motion. When this occurs, the human self and higher soul may live as one.


Becoming a Breathwork Facilitator is not only fulfilling and meaningful on a personal level- it can be financially rewarding too. With a Sacred Breath Facilitator Certification, you will be able to ask between $50 – $75 USD per 2.5 hour group immersion, $150-175 USD per day-long or weekend immersion, and up to $200+ USD for 1-on-1 private 2.5-3 hour immersions, dependent upon your experience and clientele. For example, if you run a day or weekend-long immersion with 10 participants, you will generate between $1500 – $1750 USD for that workshop alone. We believe all beings deserve to have a career they love, creating an abundant life for themselves and their family, while simultaneously contributing something purposeful back into the world. Becoming a Sacred Breath Facilitator will provide the tools, knowledge and embodiment you require to create a deeply nourishing and soul-enriching practice that continually betters both yourself the world around you.

The Path of Breathwork Facilitation can pave the way for abundance in all forms. Meaning, if a healing modality is truly life-changing (as breath medicine is), people will continuously invest into it- as there is no greater investment than into one’s most vibrant and aligned self. This then channels back into you as facilitator and creates a symbiotic feedback loop of abundance between clients, facilitator, and the universe. Also, you are continuously co-journeying with your clients- as the breather heals, you heal. What this creates on a deeper, quantum level is boundless.

At Sacred Breath Academy, we often say our “job” is literally to hold space for the miraculous to unfold- no exaggeration. And to us, there is nothing more rewarding or humbling than this. Further, when one loves what they do, they never “work” a day in their life- they simply offer that which ignites their being and warms their heart. We can tell you from years of direct experience- this path leads to blessings beyond measure. For there is nothing as beautiful or sublime as living a life in complete alignment with your higher purpose. What a gift.

Breath Medicine is truly unparalleled in its healing capabilities and the world yearns for this now more than ever. If you feel a resonance with our Academy, we invite you to join us and become part of the global solution which contributes to the healing and elevation of humanity. The more facilitators that bring this sacred work back into their communities, the more we create powerful ripples of change around the world.


  • 6 nights/7 days in a private luxury villa

  • Daily organic breakfasts, lunches, elixirs and teas

  • A powerful Facilitator's Training led by Kaya Leigh, Sacred Breath Co-Founder and International Breathwork Teacher, Speaker and Trainer

  • 36 hours of expert mentorship and hands-on professional training to teach you everything you need to know in order to facilitate breathwork for others in any setting or environment

  • Healing initiations into clearing any remaining ancestral imprints, core wounds, or limiting beliefs in your consciousness so that you may activate your highest potential and deepen into your crystalline embodiment/soul’s blueprint

  • Invaluable preparation to lead breathwork immersions for private clients, in the workplace and in workshops/immersions/ceremonies

  • A solidification of your knowledge and understanding of the Science and Art of Breathwork

  • A knowing of how to anchor sacred ceremony and understanding of the pillars of space holding and energetic gridding

  • A deepening of your own embodiment as a bridge to higher states of receptivity, consciousness and lucidity for both self and others

  • Hands-on teaching experience, professional mentorship and a comprehensive manual

  • 36 hours toward your 144-hour Master Breathwork Certificate

  • Guidance on how to build a thriving breathwork practice and how to utilize conscious marketing strategies to create lasting impact in the world


  • Self-Healing Series: Clear, Shed, Witness, Retrieve, Empower

  • Metamorphosis Series: Illuminate, Excavate, Integrate, Embody

  • Epigenetics and the “Biology of Belief”

  • Childhood, Womb, and Ancestral Imprinting; The Nature of How We Become Wounded

  • Reichian Body Armoring and Holding Patterns

  • Accessing the Innate Body Wisdom Within; Somatic Inquiry

  • Emotional Intelligence; How to Harness Emotions as a Compass and Call to Alignment

  • Aligning to Your Most Luminous Expression

  • Activating Your Soul’s Codes

  • Foundations of Facilitation

  • The Science and Art of Breathwork

  • The Sacred Breath Method, 3-Part Breathwork, Modified Gentle Breathwork, and Yin Breathwork

  • Guiding the Breathwork Journey

  • Sacred Witness, Building Trust, Vulnerability and Deep Sharing

  • Cultivating the Seer Within

  • The Path of the Initiate and Way-Shower

  • The Art of Sacred Ceremony and Keys of Space-Holding

  • How to Weave an Alchemical Container and Intentional Field for Transformation

  • Music, Sound Instruments and Voice: The Sonic Waters

  • Spiritual Bypass, the Shadow Side of Leadership and How to Become a Clear Conduit

  • How to Surrender Personal Will onto the Altar of Grace (Higher Will)

  • Post Breath Basics: Safe Touch, Grounding, Re-Orienting and Integration

  • New Paradigm and Heart-Based Leadership in an Emerging Era of Consciousness

  • Conscious Marketing and Building a Spiritual Practice: Moving out of Scarcity and Competition into a Platform for Your Most Authentic Voice and Highest Service Blueprint

  • Invoking Your Infinite Creative Potential


  • Breathwork for Tapping Into Higher Creativity, Personal Genius and Boundless Inspiration

  • Breathwork and Visualization for Manifestation and Life Artistry

  • Breathwork and Mantras

  • Cyclical Breath Holds

  • Root Lock (Mula Bandha) Breathwork

  • Dragon Shakti Breathwork

  • Merkaba Breathwork

  • Royal Pranayama

  • Kundalini Tantra Breathwork

  • Ecstatic Breathwork

  • Womb Breathwork

  • Movement-Based Breathwork 

  • Shaking Out the Nervous System, Dynamic Movement and Ecstatic Dance

  • Workshop, Event and Retreat Creation, Planning and Execution 

  • Conscious Communication and NVC Workshop

  • Quantum Breakthrough Coaching

  • Harnessing our Sacred Wounds to Become our Wisdom Teachers

  • Pillars of Transformational Speaking, Teaching and Leading

  • Finding Your Most Aligned Audience

  • Attuning to Your Sacred Voice and Message

    and much more!

* Students will receive a Level 1 certificate after completing the following:

– Completion of the 7-day, 36-hour course
– Lead 1 breathwork immersion (for the rest of the group) at the week’s end
– Take final quiz on breathwork fundamentals
– Experience 10 self breathwork journeys (post training) with written feedback to be submitted
– Hold 5 1-on-1 or small (2-3) group breathwork immersions (post training) for friends, family or clients with written feedback to be submitted
– Experience and observe 3-5 group breathworks (post training) in your area (if there are no local breathworks we can further guide you in this process by recommending digitally-led breathworks)

* Please note that this training is to certify those wanting to teach under the Sacred Breath name and brand. You may of course create your own breathwork umbrella name if you desire so as long as still noting the Sacred Breath Method.

* Students will receive a Level 2 certificate after completing the training.

This is so much more than a Teacher Training- It is a Rite of Passage into Spiritual Leadership and the role of sacred way-shower


The Sacred Breath Facilitators Training is designed as an Exquisite Rite of Passage into Spiritual Leadership in addition to a comprehensive training immersion for the trainee. You will heal, you will shed, you will learn, you will activate. Guided by the intelligence of breath and benevolence of Spirit, the entire experience will serve as an initiation into the role of the Sacred Way-Shower. With higher knowledge comes reverential power, and with such power comes sacred responsibility. While the decision to serve humanity in this way is a noble intention, the path comes with a responsibility to represent the spiritual forces of existence with integrity, humility and grace. Thus, we seek to guide the trainee into their most actualized embodiment so that they may anchor and harness these energies, becoming a true conduit. By walking between the worlds in purity, we can assist in bridging spirit and matter, illuminating the shadow, healing the wounds, activating higher potential, and imbuing beauty, light and truth into all we touch. 

Holding space for others during a breathwork immersion requires a great deal of integrity, commitment to higher service, and clarity of intention— for the quality of what may arise is always of a delicate, personal, and sacred nature. Thus, it is our foremost intention that the purity of the practice is maintained. The Sacred Breath Facilitator will be taught to craft an intentional field of resonance and potentiality, weaving a container of both receptivity and energetic precision, while simultaneously surrendering into the deeper will of what wants to unfold, as an archetypal Shaman of Breath Medicine. This is the Way of the True Initiate and Master: to lay down one’s personal will onto the altar of grace; to become humble and empty; broken open; a living conduit of the Divine.

Throughout this training, as we enter into the somatic mystery school of our own bodies, we will die and become reborn, transmute and transform, coagulate and dissolve, over and over again in the most profound ways. As we must be in alignment within ourselves before we can hold any kind of space for another. By first creating a healing environment for ourselves where we feel held and supported within our own being, we may venture into the subterranean wisdom within. This is a vital key in Way-Showing so that we may better serve the other in the same process. 

Remember, we may only meet others as deeply as we have met ourselves. 

Through this Alchemy of Self-Realization, there are profound mysteries that begin to reveal themselves to the Initiate. The alchemy begins with the process of going into the darkness, the obsidian mirror, the cave, or the womb. From the spaciousness of the void, we are reborn into the light, forging an impermeable union with the essence of our soul. In our dissolution, we become. Just as the lotus births from the mud, we will rebirth ourselves many times during our week together. Upon our emergence, we stand before a field of pure potentially; a bare palette that we may create upon.

In order to prepare you for facilitation, we will journey into into the heart of what is most alive for you in your present-moment relationship to the unfoldment. A space will be created for you to access real intimacy within, holding your deepest fears, most delicate truths, and greatest longings in loving awareness in order to become clear about what it means to serve another individual on their path of awakening and self-realization. We will work with you in the rhythm of your own hero/heroine’s journey and explore your major arcanas of this lifetime, including any reoccurring limiting themes you may face, as well as your own personal blueprint for soul embodiment. 

Throughout the training, you will realign your entire being, heal the nervous system from any generational or present trauma that may exist, forge positive neural pathways, release repressed emotions still influencing your now moment, and dissolve core wounds and imprints that are blocking the fullness of who you are, just to name a few.

Each training is completely unique to the individual, based on their spiritual developmental needs. Kaya and the other facilitators will anchor a space of receptivity to divine guidance and work to support you in the process of surrendering to the wisdom, dharma and unique soul blueprint of your higher self. This entire process will serve to illuminate the essential elements of the very transformation you will be facilitating others to have in the future. By the end of the training, you will have a complete understanding of why we are weaving breath medicine and a knowing that not only are you infinitely supported in offering this revolutionary platform to others, but that the process itself is birthing into the world through you from the loving, celestial beyond.  

"Breathing is the key that unlocks the whole catalog of advanced biological function and development. Is it any wonder that it is so central to every aspect of health?

Breathing is the first place, not the last, one should look when fatigue, disease, or other evidence of disordered energy presents itself. Breathing is truly the body's most FUNDAMENTAL communication system."

- Sheldon Saul Hendler, MD, Ph.D.




This past week has been the most amazing, soul-exposing, paradigm-shifting weeks of my life. I remembered so many truths, activated, initiated and realigned to my potential. It was complete magic and I am so grateful! Kaya, you are one of the most phenomenal teachers I’ve ever had the pleasure of sitting with. You embody truth, wisdom and purpose in a way that is authentic and healing to witness. You did more than teach breath medicine this week, you taught me that there is more than enough space in this world for me. You are a true leader, activator and collective healer.

My darling sisters- I could not have chosen a better group women to walk this path with. I am so inspired by your courage to go deep and thank each and everyone one of you for holding me and allowing me to hold you.

We wove a sacred web of light this week, ready to blanket the world. I thought I knew what breathwork was before (and to a degree I did)- but now I know what it REALLY is. I’m bringing back the medicine. Soul medicine. Shadow-alchemizing, path-initiating, womb-clearing medicine. The only way out is through and when you gift yourself the presence of conscious breath, you are gifting yourself conscious life.


This was the most potent, powerful, and healing training I have ever committed to in this life- and I have been through a lot of those kinds of journeys. 

This training guided me to tap into deep inner rhythms that were lost in the cultural conditioning that is upon us this day and age. Everyone was held and supported as they went through their own versatile experiences, and for me personally, this was a very multidimensional journey with celestial remembrance, meeting of my spirit guides, my ancestors, vivid visions and astral travels to other dimensions and worlds.

It is a journey that words almost can’t touch, as it only can come from direct inner experience and the Sacred Breathwork brings me there. It is the most powerful way I have found for releasing trauma and it is also a way to experience immense beauty and love, with healing light codes coming in at the very quantum core of my body, unwiring old systems and patterns and upgrading into new ones. Sacred Breathwork is a portal to the stars and to my celestial self. At the very same time, this journey of breath is a portal to inhabit my body fully, in the here and now, embodying my human vessel to the brim, feeling it all, and really loving to be in my body. Through this healing Sacred Breath Facilitator Training, so much ancient wisdom was surfaced, remembered, and revealed- both individually and collectively.

And Kaya is a true spirit guide. This woman anchors and inspires the essence that is within us all to awaken, rise, and be activated. Through the medicine of breath, beauty ways, and ancient and modern wisdom that she embodies, she invites a unique, nurturing energy in to the field where nothing is judged and everything is welcomed. A container of love and support to grow in was co-created both through her and her competent, heart-centered team. 


My being has opened to yet another dimension. A spark within the heart has been ignited to this divine heritage that is for each and everyone of us holding space on our dear planet at this time.

I am now empowered to fulfill the next step of my soul’s calling, and to step forth together into this strong web we are weaving- a global community of space-holders, healers, way-showers, starseeds and paradigm-shifters, here to assist in the ascension of our precious planet. Kaya is a light house with deep sincerity and wisdom, and I highly highly recommend any training with her and Sacred Breath Academy. ”



This training has been one of the most transformational experiences of my life

I came in with no expectations— just a knowledge that breathwork has the ability to heal us and open us to our true nature in ways that other modalities only just graze the surface. 

The Sacred Breath training has rewired the way I function as a human being.

It has allowed me to let go of so many stories I was subconsciously holding. 

It has enabled me to become gentler with myself, and in that place of compassion, my spirit has the space to flourish and expand at such an accelerated rate. 

I was able to uncover how engrained this type of work is in my own DNA— that my own source code has known long before the rest of me found that I wanted this. 

It has been many years that I’ve felt as though I was wandering this planet in search of my own truths, and through this incredible Sacred Breath Training, I found that the entire time, the answers were always within me.  

The space that Kaya creates for this transformation was undoubtedly the most powerful component of the training. Not only does the material feel completely aligned and connected, she creates a container for learning that allows you to actually become a vehicle of receptivity, so that it feels as though your entire being is absorbing the information, and your mind’s understanding and interpretation of the words spoken is just one part of this learning. Kaya speaks to your soul through so much intentional creation of sacred space, connection, and an acknowledgment of the many influential forces at play. She opens the door and reminds you that there are so many rooms to explore within this life. Where many other trainings target a learning that takes place only in the mind, Kaya creates an environment where all the systems of your being become activated and open.

I don’t think it’s possible to express in words the amount of gratitude I have for Kaya and the other facilitators. I am forever changed and have finally anchored into my inner compass. I have grounded within the fabric of my being, an unshakable truth that the only way out is through, and that surrender is the only way to embody strength. I am honored and filled with excitement to bring this incredible work back to my community. Thank you so much, Kaya.


"Sacred Breath Academy changed my life. The shifts that occurred during the Facilitator Training were undeniable and powerful. Going through the process was challenging yet beautiful, all within a safe container led by the ethereal Kaya. Kaya guided us through a deeply transformative week and allowed each of us to come into our own power. I reclaimed forgotten parts of myself and rediscovered a sense of self-worth that I thought I had lost forever. I feel ready to hold space for others and feel incredibly passionate about sharing this work with as many people as possible. 

Kaya, I am in deep gratitude of your soul. I don't think my words can fully describe the enormity of the shifts that have happened. You are the ultimate space holder and I feel confident and powerful because of your encouragement and compassion towards me. I am eternally grateful to you and will take the Breathwork torch and set Canada ablaze.

If you are looking for something that will activate a huge paradigm shift in your life, then understand that by reading my words, you are not here by accident and that you are ready to come into your highest potential.



The Facilitator training in Asheville was so incredible and I am BLISSED out after a week of Sacred Breathwork Journeys.💫Words cannot express how grateful I am to have discovered this gentle but oh so powerful modality of healing! It’s allowed me to connect with my spirit in a way I didn’t even know was possible. Tapping into these altered states of consciousness has unlocked so much inner wisdom around my body, my past and my future in such a beautiful way.

And as a teacher, I can take my own clients only as far as I’m willing to go myself. I completely stepped outside of my comfort zone and breathed into all the tender areas of my body I had been unknowingly neglecting. During several of the journeys, my intuition showed me how far disconnected I was from my own feminine flow. The hard exterior of the masculine to push, control, do-do-do attitude has been running my life for so long- a subconscious program I developed to be respected and “successful” and to uphold my feelings of self-worth. Awakening my intuition through the breath, allowed me to see the need to let go of that mask and come back to my innate feminine nature.🌹Flowing through life and becoming magnetic by allowing is the beauty of stepping into your truth as a women.

Each Breathwork Journey was a completely new resolution, aha moment, energetic shift and vast healing experience. It’s so hard to put into words the deep self-discovery that occurs by connecting consciously to the breath, but it’s a unique and mystical session of growth each time. After all the new knowledge I’ve learned, I can’t wait to take my clients even deeper.”



“This week. I— can’t find the words— I am utterly in love with mama earth, with my new friends, with myself, with you. To think I ever sought joy outside myself, when all this time the treasured gold I was looking for was inside me all along. Thank you to all of the events of the world that led me to find Sacred Breath Academy, to journey into the woods, to journey into Breathwork, to uncover what I had always carried within me.


A bit on my story: The world was a magical place— until age, hardship, and grief hardened my heart against the sunlight. You see, the magic was never gone, I just refused to see it. I was drowning in self-loathing, guilt, sadness and insecurity, but instead if dealing with these, I turned to alcohol to fill the void. Running, running, running from myself. Until, one day, I sat with her, for days and months and cried and moved and danced and wrote and screamed and swore and one day..... I laughed, and it seemed like the laughter broke me into a thousand pieces...✨During one of the breathwork journeys in our training, I was again overcome with this insatiable laughter. I felt like I stepped outside myself and was looking in, and I found it outrageously comical how seriously I take life sometimes…

I realized that life is to be treasured, enjoyed, cherished, marveled at— when we see the world as magical, mystical and playful, it is incredibly fun to be alive! We don’t need to “be” anything, just who we are. All we desire is to be loved and safe. It is so simple and beautiful. And what a gift laughter is— like a burst of sunshine from our souls— bright, infectious and wow, the warmth it spreads!

Life. Is. Still. Full. Of. Magic.

I cannot begin to convey how powerful, wonderful, intense yet glorious Breathwork is! Breath medicine is a magical tool in which we heal ourselves— no outside sources necessary. But I will say having fabulous, compassionate facilitators deepens your experience and touches your heart. If you have a chance to study, heal and grow with these amazing teachers and humans, DO IT!”



The souls that created Sacred Breath Academy (Kaya and Aeleo) are two beautiful, humble beings that are dedicating their life to sharing their sacred knowledge. They will hold space for you to deeply heal from things that can stem all the way back to childhood as well as ancestral trauma.


Breath is the fluid voice of your soul. It is a profoundly healing gateway to spiritual, emotional and physical breakthroughs. A few months ago, I stumbled upon this facilitator training, which, to this day, I do not fully understand how it came to find me but that’s exactly what it did. It found me. I have sat down multiple times over the past few weeks to try to write about my experience but it’s almost as if words are just not enough— which is hard for me to say because words are my love language! But this journey deserves so much more than words. Which is why I am going to devote as much of this lifetime (and let’s face it, many many more) exploring the sacred breath by holding the space needed to help guide others to heal from years of trauma and conditioning.

Trying to explain this profoundly life-changing experience I dove into on this training feels impossible. It truly feels like trying to explain the concept of colour when ones eyes have yet to open. But after surrendering and stripping everything back, I was left with all I know. All that I stand for. I was left with Love.

I went on so many deeply healing journeys via my breath during this training (some I didn’t even think would be possible without the help of plant medicine), but everything came back to love. Love for myself, love for others and love for absolutely everything! This life is so simple and enjoyable when we just exhale and realise that we are all here to love. Take away the pressure to achieve the unnecessary and just be love! I spent so many years overcomplicating just about everything, trying to figure out my dharma because that is what I thought life should be. And even though I have been an advocate for love for a while, this journey just brushed away anything that didn’t offer this. It showed me that true authentic love from strangers exists by providing me with 9 mind-numbingly beautiful people that are now in my heart forever as family.

I have done my fair share of spiritual trainings and I’m sure I’ve got a few more left to enjoy, however, this wondrous week of my life was my ultimate magic moment. Everything stems from this experience. When I’m 80 sitting on my porch in my rocking chair with a substantial collection of cats surrounding me, this journey will be where I look back to and think— that was when I realised that everything will always be ok. I don’t usually speak about the specific trainings I have done as I feel it is important for us to find our way naturally and organically, however, if you feel called to the path of breathwork and you are waiting for the universe to send a sign then please take this as just that.


It has been a bit over 1 month since the training concluded and it has taken me till now to truly process and feel ready to try and narrow down this experience into a small bunch of words typed on a page, but for the sake of potentially inspiring others to do the same and follow the call onto this path, I’m going to give it my best shot!

The training was life-changing to say the least. The English language or ANY words for that matter, will cease to be able to truly describe the experience and the profound healing, knowledge and change it has brought into my life. 

Kaya is one incredible woman who held the space with so much love, integrity and wisdom for not only all of our learning, but also for all of our healing, both individually and as a collective. The content that was provided for the training was truly aligned with all that was needed to provide me with both the academic and hands-on learnings to feel ready and empowered to start my own journey into this powerful healing modality.

This magical group that was brought together in Bali happened to all be women, which for me was something that I now see was so needed. This was not just a training. Personally, I felt it was an initiation into womanhood for myself, and the reconnection to the divine feminine that my soul had been so deeply aching for. As a collective, we breathed, learned, cried, loved, expressed and shared. As each tender soul healed, I healed. To be a part of such a powerful container was indescribable. I experienced what it truly means to be human. It highlighted how disconnected we have become as a society to ourselves, our earth and one another. I now have this fire burning inside of me to share, help and reconnect humans to their higher selves, each other and to the Divine that is. 

I feel as if I found myself. I was able to knock down the walls that were constricting my heart for so long. I now feel emotionally ‘clean’ and have noticed how differently I show up in the world since being back home. I feel so much deep self love, kindness, acceptance and freedom within that I could not feel before, giving me a happiness and confidence that I never thought possible.

I will never forget each and every beautiful soul that I spent that week with. Thank you, Kaya, for following your truth and higher purpose, because without you and the work that you are doing I would have never realised my true path in this life and the power that I hold within. I encourage anybody that may be feeling the call to attend this training to listen to their intuition, honour their higher self and take the leap- you will not regret it with any ounce of your being. 


There are really just no words to explain the magnitude of what this past week has been for me.

Like opening up dark closets I haven’t looked in since childhood, pulling out what’s in there to see the light of day again, washing off the dust that settled, and reintegrating it into the life that now surrounds me.

And in opening those closets, the size of the room becomes bigger, and it feels as though I just removed the doors, and made room to let the light flood in.

Training is just not a word that feels right, it was more like a 7-day download. As if the fabric of my being, the core of my self has now seen itself, recognized it’s truth, and can now permanently hold up an internal mirror whenever I choose.

The gratitude I have for Kaya feels completely uncontained by words. Like having a vision late at night of what you think is possible in this world, dreaming up what your heart can see with no bounds, and then experiencing that right in front of your eyes. It gives me hope, strength, and courage to continue moving towards my own inner truths.

And the women who fed the space, who showed up to bear their truths with wounds and scars for all to see, the love that existed, the power of love, is now something I know is undoubtedly the medicine this world has been craving.

I’m already halfway into my return travels, and it’s like traveling through a wormhole to a new place and time altogether. And even though I have no idea what it will look like, my heart is now in charge of building the road forward, and I’m here, ready to take the ride.”


“Below are my words that I feel could never really explain the profoundness of the training, but here goes! I recently completed the Level 1 Breathwork Facilitator training with Sacred Breath Academy and it was one of the most powerful learning, healing and growing experiences of my life.

Although I’ve practiced breathwork for many years, what sets Sacred Breath apart from the rest is the profound holding you feel within the space. From the first moment I sat down in the opening circle, I knew my life would never be the same

As a facilitator, Kaya has a presence that I’ve not felt in a learning environment before. She oozes love, acceptance and embodies her truth in a way that was refreshing to witness and is so badly needed in this world. She holds space that feels so sacred and so nourishing that you are able to go deep within to retrieve the medicine you need. 

Every time I laid down to breathe, it was like coming home, over and over again. I was able to heal traumas from this life and beyond, gain clarity around my path, and in the most vulnerable of spaces, the facilitators held me in ways I have been yearning for on a deep soul level. 

I learned more than just facilitating breathwork. I learned that when women come together led by the heart, a ripple of change is sent out across the planet as we all journeyed back to our corners of the globe. I learned that to be a great leader, you must lead yourself with presence, truth and trust first, and that external “sparkly shit” means nothing if you don’t have that inner world knowing walking with you, in every step.

For the first time in my life, I felt safe to be me. To be all of me, no matter how ‘too much’ it may feel for others. I can’t recommend this training enough- even if you don’t want to facilitate in your community, it’s one of the best experiences and tools I’ve ever invested in.”


“If you are considering taking this training, don’t overthink it, please just do it! I just finished up last month and it was invaluable and special time.

Such a mystical, beautiful, uplifting and life-affirming experience sharing this powerful Breathwork Facilitators Training in the Blue Ridge Mountains with this strong and soulful group. Kaya and Aeleo are magnanimous guides and humans. Thank you to them for the passionate guiding and space-holding. I am looking forward to offering these extremely powerful techniques to others.”


"What an amazing journey I had with Kaya and Aeleo! I did not really know what I was going to experience but it was exactly what I needed. I received so much confirmation of my path and the experience itself catalyzed my personal, spiritual and professional growth. It is now undeniable I was supposed to learn from them on my quest of bringing healing into this world. I feel so blessed, so centered and ready to humbly move forward with integrating breathwork into all aspects of my life. I truly had a spiritual awakening through the training and there are not enough words to express my level of gratitude for this.



"Participating in the Sacred Breathwork Facilitator Training was a heart-opening and life-changing experience! Kaya and Aeleo create a beautifully sacred and healing space for personal growth through the breathwork and also fully prepare you to guide others through the process. They encourage each participant to find their own path of facilitation, which felt empowering and respectful of our own learning and process."



"It is clear Kaya and Aeleo have done their own work in the way that they show up with authenticity, unconditional love, non-judgment, and integrity. They are experts at intuiting and meeting people where they are! I can’t wait to do more work with them in the future. I highly recommend this training for anyone interested in breathwork and teaching it in their communities!"


Through the breath (Spirit, Source, God or a thousand other names), I was able to connect to the multi-dimensional aspects of my being. Whether they were the lives of ancestors living within me or other lives of mine, I don't fully know. Regardless, I was able to unify them in powerful ways; like a diamond with infinite facets. I was able to see things differently, through higher and more interconnected vantage points. I reached levels of consciousness I never knew to be possible. I remembered Kaya and Aeleo from another place.



“There are no words for how amazing and transformational the Sacred Breathwork Facilitator Training was. The opportunity came into my life at the perfect time and brought in an abundance of true light and strength. Kaya and Aeleo are such beautiful souls and have so much love and healing to offer the world! I am forever grateful that they appeared on my path and have helped me to find my most aligned, powerful self... I cannot wait to offer this deep healing to others...”



"I had small intentions heading into the Sacred Breath Facilitator Training but after only one day of working with Kaya and Aeleo I realized my path and purpose was going to expand far beyond what I have ever imagined. Kaya and Aeleo are extremely passionate about the Sacred Breath format and how it can transform both the individual and collective.

Their enthusiasm and dedication encouraged me to pursue myself in a safe and loving environment, allowing me to peel back many layers that were blocking who I really am. I am leaving the training with gratitude, love and desire to bring forth this flame onto my path with newfound purpose and understanding. I wanted to thank you both again for all your care, compassion, wisdom, enthusiasm and inspiration. I have never believed in myself as much as I do now, I have never understood and cared for humanity as much as I do now."


*Note: Level 1 is a prerequisite to Level 2

The other programs are as follows:


(For Level 1 Returning Students Only)

7-Day Level 2 Advanced Training 


(For Level 2 Returning Students Only)

14-Day Masters Training 

The practice of conscious, connected breath is truly next level, a primary reason why we have taken it around the world and continue to remain in awe of the radical transformations it catalyzes in the breather. People who have consistently practiced different modalities of the spiritual arts and development (even for multiple decades or their entire lives) say that this practice takes them beyond anything they have ever experienced in all of their work and all of their years. Sacred Breathwork can, at times, mirror the experience of a plant medicine journey but with no substances. The breath is the medicine, guide and teacher. This work transcends words, space and time. And so, we passionately dedicate ourselves to its proliferation. 

On our journey of teaching this work, we have learned the importance of honoring its magnitude and carrying it forth in true humility, surrender, and reverence for the mystery. We are committed to spreading this knowledge and sharing this practice with those who are sincerely devoted to personal healing and planetary service. Only serious applicants will be considered. You would be trained in the spirit of the Sacred Breath Lineage through our Academy, though the work will also mold with your unique blueprint. 

It is important to note though that this path is not for everyone- there must first be a state of authenticity, vulnerability and receptivity present. Breathwork cuts through all layers of illusion, deep into the crystalline core of the soul, both facilitator and breather. It requires the utmost integrity, purity and vibrational match. Remember, with power comes sacred responsibility. If this resonates, please get in touch, for this work is needed now more than ever.

Let’s create quantum ripples together...


*Trainings will be held in Bali may and september/OCTOBER 2019 and in the UNITED states and europe throughout the rest of the year. 


Healing and plant-based breakfasts and lunches (along with water and teas) will be graciously provided each day. All meals will be organic, holistic and nutrient-dense with both vegetarian and vegan options. Each dish will be sugar-free and gluten-free. The food will be sourced from high vibrational, fresh and local ingredients grown in the rich, volcanic soil. At the start of each day, guests will be provided with coconut water and a tropical fruit platter (with inclusions such as dragonfruit, melon, papaya, and guava) or a smoothie bowl before the main brunch/lunch to provide the body with grounded energy for the morning module. A daily plant-based and nutritionally-optimal diet ensures each guest continued nourishment in order to receive the maximum benefit of the training. 

Please note that dinner is not included in the training. We will break for dinner people so people can connect with other guests, have personal integration time and experience the rich energy of dining in town at night. Also note that the cost of food in Bali is very low. A 3-course meal with fresh juice, salad or appetizer and main dish is under $10. A simple meal is around $4. Nourishing meals may also be delivered to the trainee's villa if one is feeling the need for quiet and stillness. Part of the integration process additionally entails breaking for around half an hour by the pool after lunch for reflecting, journaling and meditating on the day's module in order to more deeply assimilate the information viscerally, energetically and cellularly.  

If you have any food allergies or dietary restrictions, please advise so on your application. 

Lodging and Expenses


Luxury retreat lodging can be arranged at our beautiful training location complete with jungle views, an indoor/outdoor shala and infinity pool. We have both shared and private room options at different price points. If you choose the full package option, this accommodation will be included for 6 nights. You are also welcome to book your own accommodations to save on costs. You can learn more about investment options below.

We have also have ample information to supply regarding recommendations on flight, travel, transportation, food and lodging accommodations. The general cost of living in Bali is only 1/3-1/4 the cost of the United States, Europe, Asia and Australia. Additionally, we can provide you with a site for very affordable airfare to Denpasar, the main international airport you would fly into. We love sharing this site with others to make international travel affordable and assessable. We can also arrange for you to be picked up from the airport at a small additional cost. 

*To schedule a private training in Bali outside of the group date, please fill out the inquiry form at the bottom of the page. Private trainings will take place May and September 2019 in Mystical Bali and are 4 days long.

We will also hold multiple US Group Trainings in Southern California. These trainings are designed to be lower in cost for those on a budget or who cannot travel internationally due to family or work obligations. You may find that information here: 

Private US trainings may additionally be booked throughout 2018/2019. If you have a private group and/or facility in mind, we are open to traveling to your location. 

Bali Training(s) Investment Options

SEPTEMBER GROUP Level 1 TRAINING (7-day program)

Tuition-Only Selection

Installment Option 1: $500 deposit, then 4 payments of $347 

Installment Option 2: $500 deposit, then 5 payments of $277.60

Option 3: One-time payment of $1,888

Total Investment of the 36-Hour Level 1 Tuition: $1,888 USD (for those wanting to save on costs and book outside accommodation/food)

Shared Room Package Selection (Shared Lodging and Daily Meals):

Installment Option 1: $700 deposit, then 4 payments of $436 

Installment Option 2: $700 deposit, then 5 payments of $348.80

Option 3: One-time payment of $2,444 USD (includes one complimentary coaching call)

Private Room Package Selection (Private Lodging and Daily Meals):

Installment Option 1: $700 deposit, then 4 payments of $519.25 

Installment Option 2: $700 deposit, then 5 payments of $415.40

Option 3: One-time payment of $2,777 USD (includes one complimentary coaching call)

(Note: Level 2 is not a prerequisite to begin facilitating. You may also take Level 1 as a stand alone training and come back to Level 2 at a later time.)

SEPTEMBER/october GROUP LEVELS 1 AND 2 trainings (14-day program)

Levels 1 and 2 Tuition: $3,555 USD (save $221 when purchased together) (for those wanting to save on costs and book outside accommodation/food)

With Shared Lodging and Daily Meals $4,555 USD (save $333 when purchased together); With Private Lodging and Daily Meals: $5,333 USD (save $221 when purchased together)

*Flexible Installments available for either package

***For returning Level 1 students wanting to take Level 2 as a stand alone training***

october GROUP Level 2 TRAINING (7-day program)

Tuition-Only Option

Installment Option 1: $500 deposit, then 4 payments of $347 

Installment Option 2: $500 deposit, then 5 payments of $277.60

Option 3: One-time payment of $1,888

Total Investment of the 36-Hour Level 1 Tuition: $1,888 USD (for those wanting to save on costs and book outside accommodation/food)

Shared Room Package Selection (Shared Lodging and Daily Meals):

Installment Option 1: $700 deposit, then 4 payments of $436 

Installment Option 2: $700 deposit, then 5 payments of $348.80

Option 3: One-time payment of $2,444 USD (includes one complimentary coaching call)

Private Room Package Selection (Private Lodging and Daily Meals):

Installment Option 1: $700 deposit, then 4 payments of $519.25 

Installment Option 2: $700 deposit, then 5 payments of $415.40

Option 3: One-time payment of $2,777 USD (includes one complimentary coaching call)

*Also keep in mind that once you graduate, leading 3 day-long breath workshops with 10+ people in each will pay for the cost of the training and then some. It is an investment that will continue its return in numerous ways- both inwardly and outwardly.

ONE-ON-ONE Private TRAININGs in bali

*must be booked 1 month out minimum

One-on-One Level 1 Tuition: $3,555 USD

With Private Lodging and Daily Meals: $4,444 USD

*Note: discounts can be arranged for shared beds (suitable for couples, family members and good friends)


A $700 USD deposit is required to book all trainings and hold your place. The deposit is non-refundable and non-transferrable unless in the event of an unforeseen emergency. In the case of such an emergency, the deposit may be transferred to another retreat or training at a later date or to another trainee. The deposit may be transferred up to 30 days before the training's start date minus a $150 administration fee. You will be responsible for contacting the person to transfer the deposit to, and we are able to assist you in this process if needed. The remaining program cost may be payed in installments as long as paid in full prior to the start date. Note: We are flexible in working with those truly called to this modality and will do our best to make it a reality!  

What is included in the cost of the training (for package option): 

  • 6 nights/7 days in a private luxury villa

  • Daily organic breakfasts, lunches, dinners, elixirs and teas

  • A powerful Facilitator's Training with Sacred Breath Co-Founder, Kaya Leigh and team

  • 36 hours of expert mentorship and hands-on experiential learning to teach you everything you need to know in order to facilitate breathwork for others

  • A comprehensive training manual

What is not included in the cost of the training:

  • Airfare

  • Visa fees

  • Airport/personal transportation

  • Personal expenses

In the spirit of acknowledging the complexity of our times, Sacred Breath Academy would like to offer one partial scholarship per training to a POC interested in learning the craft. To apply, please contact Kaya via the inquiry form at the bottom of the page. *2019 SCHOLARSHIPS ALREADY AWARDED

Note: We have received some emails asking what POC means. POC stands for “Person of Color” and is a recognized civil rights term that is broad-sweeping for many minority demographics and ethnicities. We have implemented the POC partial scholarship for those considered minority individuals who want to become trained in breathwork, in effort to bridge barriers and divides, and also bring the craft into a diverse array of outlets and communities. We must recognize and be lucid to the fact that many spiritual arts practices, retreats and trainings occur within a predominantly Caucasian-based environment, and we at SBA seek to dissolve this trend. Breathwork is for every single human being, no matter what ethnicity, background or walk of life they originate from. For others in financial need, we are quite flexible and do offer monthly payment plans. If you are not a POC but are in true financial need, you are also welcome to apply for the scholarship. For all scholarships, we begin taking applications up to 6 months and advance and require proof of income along with a written 2-3 page essay on why you want to become trained in breath medicine and how you plan to offer breathwork back into your community or on a larger scale.

Travel Tips

  • We recommend arriving to Bali at least 3-4 days prior to your immersion (if possible) to acclimate to the timezone and anchor into the island and culture (unless you are coming from Asia or Australia). This will ensure that you can deepen your experience with the maximum benefits.

  • There are a couple sites to use for reduced airfare. We suggest Skyscanner, Google Flights search, or Scotts Cheap Flights. Be sure to book your flight into Ngurah Rai International Airport, officially known as I Gusti Ngurah Rai International Airport. This is the main airport in Bali, located 13 km south of Denpasar. The code is DPS when booking your flight.

  • We are happy to arrange airport transport for you at an additional fee. Make sure to note that the drivers only accept cash and you can change money when you arrive in the airport.

  • We also recommend increasing your water intake in the week prior to ensure adequate hydration for the tropical climate. You can further begin doubling up on pre and probiotics in the weeks to come to promote a seamless transition into the local environment.

  • The weather in Bali during this time of the year holds an average of 81°F (26°C), with an average low of 72°F (22°C). Please pack your wardrobe accordingly.

  • Essentials: Bring comfortable light clothes (natural fabrics are most desirable for the tropics), good walking/hiking shoes and sandals/flip flops, yoga/breathwork clothes (particularly flowing or loose pants not tight around the waist), eyemask for breathwork, sunglasses, a hat, insect repellent, natural toiletries, your personal supplements, one coverup for night, notebook, journal, sunblock, and swimwear in addition to your personal items. Bali also has amazing shopping where you can pick up any extras you may need. NOTE: Yoga mats and props for breathwork will be provided.

  • It is not recommended to bring more than 1 large luggage and either a backpack, purse or small day bag per person. Be sure to pack the basis and leave room for souvenirs.

Sacred Preparation


We additionally encourage everyone to spend some quality time with themselves during the weeks leading up to the training in order to get in touch with their deeper needs, desires and intentions. You may do this in your own way within the sanctuary of your home, in undisturbed nature or by arriving early to Bali to anchor into the frequency of the island and taking space for yourself in stillness and reflection. This will be immensely valuable in how we both show up individually and co-creatively during the immersion. It is also helpful to begin cleansing the diet in the weeks prior as well, to ensure your most vibrant self during our time together. A great first step is the elimination of all processed foods, junk foods, sodas, sweets, etc. In their place, you may take in as much rich, nutrient-dense whole foods as desired (dark leafy greens, fresh salads, seeds, nuts, nut butters, avocados, cold-pressed coconut and olive oils, fruits, cruciferous vegetables, wild fish (if you eat meat), superfoods, and so on). 


Due to the intimate nature of this transformative immersion, we are only able to offer the training to a limited number of people. And note that we sell out quickly for Bali. If you would like to join us but have additional questions before applying, we ask that you inquire via the form below. Otherwise click "Apply Now" above to begin the application process. If the dates do not align for you and you still feel called, you may explore the option of a private training with us. 

After a phone interview determines you to be in resonance with the training, you may reserve your spot via a deposit or payment in full. Upon registering, an additional welcome phone call will be arranged to learn more about you and any specific needs you may have.

Anything you share will always be kept confidential. We welcome people of all levels of experience, age, race, creed, gender and abilities.

You may also email us at for in-depth inquiries.  


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