Understanding Cellular Memory

Did you know that everything that has ever happened to us and up to 14 generations of our ancestors is recorded in our cells, as DNA is 80% memory? A Emory University neuroscience study has shown that the environment impacts the genetic makeup of up to 14 future generations. In this highly unethical study, mice were given electric shocks next to the scent of a cherry blossom, embedding a trauma within them which correlated to scent. Those mice then went on to reproduce, and when their offspring were placed next to the scent of a cherry blossom, even with no other external stimuli, they would still exhibit the same physiological systems of the trauma. Their nervous systems would immediately switch into fight or flight, causing a sudden onset of anxiousness and the release of stress hormones. This can be extrapolated to humans and many of the traumas our ancestors endured via war, hardship, abuse, degradation, oppression, scarcity, poverty, etc. Not to mention, women in particular carry large amounts of repressed shakti and womb trauma, due to the silencing, repression and mistreatment of the feminine, spanning across millennia. Then, there is the matter of past life trauma which is an entirely separate matter. 

So, what are the spiritual implications of all of this? Everything lives in our cells and continues to influence us in real time. Everything that has ever happened to us, our parents, grandparents, and much of our ancestral lineage is imprinted deep within our being. We, as a collective, carry inordinate amounts of trauma of generations before us and also as a global people today living in a fast-paced, life-diminishing and consumerist society. Because genetic markers can transmit trauma across generations, still influencing our behavior in the now, it is so important to do the deep ancestral clearing work as spiritual leaders birthing the new paradigm. We, today, right here, right now, can break the link in the chain through conscious awareness, and begin to create a new reality for our lineage, literally changing our DNA through the dissolution of ancestral trauma and embodiment of new frequencies.   

When we break the link in the chain by becoming aware of ancestral imprints, we transmute and alchemize the wounds of the past that live within us. We begin to write a different story— one of unity, enchantment, beauty, compassion, integrity and peace. We heal for our bloodlines, beginning to imbue trust where there was once fear, light where there was once darkness, and wisdom where there was once pain. We soon create a new legacy— one that is forged in love, presence, and awareness. So… let us birth a new future together…

Also, according to cognitive neuroscientists, we are only conscious of about 5% of our cognitive activity— thus, most of our decisions, actions, emotions, and behavior depends on the 95% of brain activity that goes beyond our conscious awareness. Meaning, we are 95% influenced by our unconscious content! 

Every feeling that is ignored becomes lodged in the body as tension. Every emotion unresolved becomes locked in as pain. And every self-defeating thought of limitation gets recorded as deflation. Failing to meet life with the totality of our being means our reluctance will translate into physical retraction. Hard belly and shallow breath— over and over again— becomes an armoring that shields the tenderness of an open heart. And there is nothing like an armored body to prevent us from softening into the delicious depths of our feelings. Many will spend a lifetime running away from what they are too afraid to meet in the naked fullness of their awareness… but the body never lies.

As Deepak Chopra says, “the biochemistry of the body is a product of our beliefs, thoughts and emotions.” Every unloving thought we have towards another or ourselves gets imprinted as a cellular memory that creates biological disharmony. A body that has learnt to tighten into fear and shape itself around the entrainment of a repetitive story is guaranteed to de-sensitive us from the natural rhythms of life. But neither neglect or control will free us from the inescapable fact that we are bound by physical form in this life, with all of its imperfections and fluctuations.

For only by complete and total acceptance of the full spectrum of human experience as filtered through our senses— from ecstatic pleasure to agonizing pain— can we transcend our density and move into the lightness of being. The body is much more than just a complex arrangement of chemicals and molecules: it is a bio-spiritual portal into the quantum realm of unlimited potential. It is right here, deep in our visceral experience of embodiment and the tangible evidence of our existence, that we may reconnect to who we truly are. And breathwork is the gateway to this sublime reconnection.

– Kaya Leigh, Co-Founder of Sacred Breath Academy