Divine Union

Can we move into a new paradigm as a collective of RISING in love rather than falling in love? Can we utilize romantic partnership as a way to become more intimate, more raw, more naked, more soft and more vulnerable both with ourselves and with our beloved? Can we forge this conscious union with the intent of becoming a powerful tool to challenge each other and call one another into our highest, through the alchemical fire of growth and transformation? Can we learn that relationship is one of the most potent forms of mirroring we can ever receive? Can we move into the understanding that the very nature of our coming together excavates and magnetizes our most tender wounds and deepest imprints as an opportunity for profound inquiry, sacred witness and cellular healing? Can we re-define the way we view and understand relating, realizing that true happiness is only sourced from within not without. For we cannot make the mistake of thinking the “other” is solely responsible for our bliss and joy. May we take responsibility for our own well-being, emotions, reactions and how we show up for ourselves and our partners? May we commit to doing the deep inner work with our lovers and utilizing relationship as a gateway to the divine? For in this union, we are gazing upon ourselves in the most tender of ways... We see ourselves within the other. We witness the totality. And anything that is not love will be surfaced for dissolution in the great transformative power of that which is love. This is the path I take with my beloved. He has transformed my life in ways innumerable. He is my teacher, partner, healer, best friend, confidant, lover and king. Yesterday when asked in an interview at a healing arts conference in Mexico who his greatest teachers were currently, he so beautifully said it was me. But not in the way you might think. Because if we choose to walk in consciousness and lucidity within our union, our partner becomes our greatest mirror and teacher and thus our greatest impetus for growth.

– Kaya Leigh, Co-Founder of Sacred Breath Academy

Kaya Danielle Leigh