Sacred Wounds

Sacred Wounds, An Excerpt from our Training Module

There are many today encouraging the bypassing of wounds in order to achieve mental ideas of transcendence. This must be looked at, as it is one of the more nuanced issues within spiritual bypassing. What this means is that the trauma and pain-based ego will often attempt to use the power gained through spiritual knowledge and abstract understandings of enlightenment to further protect its identity from feeling the deeper, subterranean content of what is actually living through them.

We must understand that our wounds are sacred and serve a vital role in our personal journey through the earth plane. And we cannot rob ourselves of this precious gift of inner alchemy and discovery by avoiding them. We must be courageous enough to go in, not around. Because the only way out is through...

Our wounds are the doorway to luminous, divine remembrance. They are the way of entry into this world, and offer an experience that carries the potential to evolve our souls in unimaginable ways.

Through tending to our wounds, we learn how to radically care for ourselves on the intimate-most levels. And as we learn how to care for ourselves, we discover how to care for all of creation, respecting and honoring all aspects of manifest life. In this process, we ultimately discover that there is both a universal source of all wounds and a universal remedy which heals them.  

That remedy is found in the investigation of our personal relationship with creation; through the alchemical process of listening to the wisdom in the wound. Our wounds are continuously speaking to us, reminding us of something precious we forgot, uncompromising in their resolve to serve us as lifelines to our rightful home in the eternal continuum of Love. 

When we incarnated into this reality, we were born into the dream of the world- a dream which has been predominantly unconscious for thousands of years. Somewhere, in the distant past, the dreamers of this world forgot who they were, giving birth to a growing ache and yearning with the heart of humanity. This pain is the wound of the world, and each of us continues to carry an aspect of this wound inside of ourselves until we choose to invoke the ancient remedy of remembrance, and reclaim our capacity to dream from the truth of love’s victory over fear.

Each one of us has chosen specific circumstances, families, and genetic lineages which have provided our soul with unique challenges and experiences in this lifetime within a world that does honor life, itself or its people. Our sacred work is thus to explore the ways our personal dreaming has been conditioned by the unconscious dream of the world, and to germinate the seeds of potential that live within of each of us- through unconditional love and ubiquitous truth.  

We begin this by developing a relationship with the heart of creation, and surrendering our fears onto the altar of the Great Mystery, in a prayerful embrace of the innate benevolence of life. It is an act of true faith by way of the grace which exists all around us, if we have the eyes to see it.

In this process of reclaiming our personal narrative, we often discover that we carry a unique medicine which inevitably becomes our gift to the world. And as we surrender to deeper love, we are imbued with an unending desire to uplift and inspire others to do the same. In this way, we merge with the higher will of Spirit as we become the fulfillment of our soul’s intention for this incarnation through the alchemization of the wound into the offering. ©

Kaya Danielle Leigh