Our Essential Nature

Let us examine the nature of the lower mind creation matrix, how to lucidly discern it, and thus how to extract ourselves from it so that we can live in alignment with who we truly are.

All of creation is subject to cause and effect. All of creation is inextricably tied to a fundamental truth, and all is an extension of an unfathomable and benevolent intelligence.

These are the mechanics of the universe.

As sentient sparks, we are given the choice to listen to and follow our true nature or deny this essential nature creating much unnecessary suffering.

One path leads to abundance, clarity, purpose, passion and vitality. The other leads to scarcity, confusion, aimlessness, and often a need to control the perception and will of others in order to justify decisions made out of fear.

When an individual chooses to betray their own heart, they invariably becomes an entropic force in the universe, slowly over time becoming more dependent on outside resources and external reference points. If they continue down this path they may eventually lose touch with their essential nature all together. He or she may create drama, inflict pain, and manipulate others to address the ever-growing hunger for that which has been denied.

This process is as relevant for the individual as it is for a group of individuals, be it a local community or planetary civilization.

Individuals who choose the path of separation from Spirit, or one's essential nature, will often unify with others on a similar trajectory. In fact, it is safe to say that in the larger global community there exists those who unify in connection and reference of life and those who unify in opposition or disregard for life as a means to support each other in acquiring the necessary sustenance needed for maintaining an existence that is separate from source nutrient, which can only be accessed from within.

It is only through the process of deep self inquiry that we can give back the toxic beliefs that were instilled into us and reclaim our spiritual heritage and birthright. Only then can we free ourselves from the never-ending cycles of pain and suffering that we have been seemingly trapped in.

Now, we must take into consideration that when dealing with and healing a pain that encompasses a lifetime, we need develop a great deal of courage in order to wade through and process the level of grief intrinsic to such a trauma. However, the beauty is that in the end there is nothing to fear, for we have only been shadow boxing with hollow ghosts this entire time, as there is no substance within a lie. There is no real power in those who believe they need something from you, only a great gaping void.

The truth is that we must give our power away to those that seek to take it in order for them to actually have it. The humor in this is that ultimately they aren’t gaining anything at all besides the illusion of power. They may acquire wealth, status, or natural resources, but in the end the more they accumulate the greater the hunger within grows. To exert influence over another and bend the external reality to your will is not power, it is need. The need to see proof of your power on the outside is only evidence of your lack of it.

Again, there is no substance in a lie. There is nothing to gain from taking power from another, it will never fill the void that has been denied from within.

Look at the world around us. We have billions of people who refuse to acknowledge the wound they have endured and so they have unconsciously become like those who inflicted the the original trauma, playing a role in the cycle of victim and perpetrator.

People of earth attempt to fill the void with anything under the sun in order to avoid facing their own pain and claiming their own souls.

Each and everyone of us is a sentient spark of the divine- we are sacred, yet we don’t always treat ourselves that way. This is not human nature but rather a kind of learned behavior. The voice so dearly needed by the world right now is a voice that reminds people of who they really are and the greater truth of their origin. They must be assured that there is a source of infinite love, creativity, and abundance within, and that the only reason we have given our power away is because we have forgotten that ultimate truth.

When we are ready to be honest with how we actually feel about ourselves, we begin to open up to the innate sadness and grief that exists in our hearts for how we have neglected to tend to our own souls. Did you know that when a child first develops in the womb, the heart is the very first organ that begins to form? How could some go their entire lives forgetting that they are love incarnate? When we make the decision to fully honor ourselves and open up to the truth that an endless sea of creative grace is always attempting to move through us and guide our lives in the direction of our deepest passions, encouraging us to offer our true gifts, and leading us towards balance, security, and wellness, we realize that when we love ourselves first we naturally have compassion and love for others. We feel an innate desire to uplift, support, and enrich the lives of those around us. This is who we are. We all know it deep within- we have only forgotten.

Humanity, in this deeply wounded state, has allowed itself to be seduced into participation with many dysfunctional systems of thought and ways of living. These traps come in many forms but all contain the same root cause and solution. 

It is the task of each individual to untangle the web by challenging everything they have been told about themselves, the world around them, and life itself. We must allow ourselves to feel again and grieve the myriad ways in which we have unknowingly betrayed our own hearts by perpetuating suffering for ourselves and others. We must be willing to extricate ourselves from any and every unhealthy relationship, whether it's a family member, a job, a partner, a religious belief, or so on. We have to be willing to see others for who they truly are, while simultaneously holding them accountable for the ways in which they deceive themselves and dishonor their own lives.

We must cleanse our perceptional lenses to see clearly again. In this way, we will remember what it truly means to love ourselves and love another. Real love is fierce, never-ending, and forever bound to truth. For truth without love is abuse, and love without truth isn’t love; they are soul mates, eternally destined to dance as one.

The individual must be willing to fully surrender to their essential nature and in this process, an old shell of a life will fall away and a new one full of color and aliveness will emerge. New relationships will be formed, founded on spiritual principle and imbued with virtue. New opportunities to share one's gifts with the world and generate abundance from it will manifest. Purpose will drive them. And Love will express itself through them, as them.

This is the New Earth that is birthing now. 

Kaya Danielle Leigh