Is the island summoning you?

If you feel an alignment with our retreat, we would love to know more about you. Please know that anything you express here will be kept confidential. We additionally welcome people of all levels of experiences, ages, race, creed and abilities. 

Make yourself comfortable to provide your answers for this inquiry. Meditate on each question for as long as necessary before responding. It is recommended to type the answers into a document and then copy and paste them into the form. We look forward to hearing from you.

Disclaimer- is this retreat a good fit for you?

If you are wishing to come to Bali for leisure alone or are unwilling to grow and shed, this retreat is not for you at this time. We are going into our depths and transforming our beings from the inside out. There may be an array of emotions that arise from each participant. At times this could feel challenging or vulnerable as it is a growth edge. But this is where the real magic lives if we are willing to go there. By surrendering into and meeting ourselves as we truly are, even in those places that are uncomfortable, we can begin to bloom from the wounds where we once bled. We also may enter into realms that challenge limiting beliefs and we will do this intentionally with the ability to clear old paradigms that are no longer serving us. We will consciously create a sacred, intentional space for every individual to feel invited, held and witnessed. If this is in resonance with you, please proceed. Also note that each participant's process and confidentiality will be upheld at all times.

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